Test bank for Microeconomics 9th Edition by William Boyes


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Test bank for Microeconomics 9th Edition by William Boyes

Test bank for Microeconomics 9th Edition by William Boyes

Gain a solid global understanding of microeconomic principles and examine the latest thinking on important microeconomic happenings with Boyes/Melvin’s popular MICROECONOMICS, 10E. A reader-friendly writing style, carefully integrated learning features, and emphasis on global microeconomics help you fully understand the connections between key microeconomic principles and actual business practices. Timely revisions and the latest microeconomic statistics ensure you are learning about the latest microeconomic developments and their practical application to current events. New microeconomics coverage highlights current debate on government economic intervention and discussions of the Economic Freedom Index. You also gain an in-depth understanding of globalization and its impact on microeconomics today. Cutting-edge learning technology and a full range of supplements, including the world-leading Aplia homework system, MindTap Personal Learning Experience, and an integrated eReader, help clarify key concepts and equip you with the microeconomic background for success in business today.

Table of Contents

1. The Wealth of Nations: Ownership and Economic Freedom.

1A. Working with Graphs.

2. Scarcity and Opportunity Costs.

3. Markets and the Price System.

4. The Aggregate Economy.

5. Using Economics to Understand the World Around You.

6. Elasticity: Demand and Supply.

7. Demand: Consumer Choice.

7A. Indifference Analysis.

8. Supply: The Costs of Doing Business.

8A. The Mechanics of Going from Production to Costs.

9. Profit Maximization.

10. Perfect Competition.

11. Monopoly.

12. Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly.

13. Markets and Government.

14. Antitrust and Regulation.

15. Resource Markets.

16. The Labor Market.

17. The Capital Market.

18. The Land Market and Natural Resources.

19. Current Issues: Income, Income Distribution, Poverty, and Government Policy.

20. World Trade Equilibrium.

21. International Trade Restrictions.

22. Exchange Rates and Financial Links between Countries.

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Test bank for Microeconomics 9th Edition by William Boyes