Test bank for urchasing and Supply Chain Management 7th Edition by van Weele



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Test bank for urchasing and Supply Chain Management 7th Edition by van Weele
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Test bank for urchasing and Supply Chain Management 7th Edition by van Weele

Test bank for urchasing and Supply Chain Management 7th Edition by van Weele

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management provides a complete introduction to the important principles underlying the subject area using a flexible managerial perspective. Fully updated, this highly respected textbook covers the latest developments in purchasing and supply chain management with clear and well-structured content complemented by strong case studies that are relevant and engaging. Global examples from Shell, Hewlett Packard, Mattel and Nespresso to name a few, demonstrate the challenges and solutions to problems companies face every day, while the latest research insights add a critical perspective throughout.

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Table of Contents
Brief Contents
List of memos
List of abbreviations
SECTION I: Core concepts
1 The role of purchasing in the value chain
Learning objectives
Case study: Purchasing and supply chain management at Damen Shipyards
The role of purchasing in the value chain
Definition of concepts
Importance of purchasing to business
Classification of purchased goods
Challenges and changes in the procurement context
2 Industrial buying behaviour: Â decision-making in purchasing
Learning objectives
Case study: Buying computer systems in a car leasing company
Organizational buying behaviour: basic characteristics
Models of industrial buying behaviour
Variables that affect the buying process
Purchasing process management
The linear purchase process model
The extended purchasing model
Role of the buyer
The specification phase
Supplier selection and supplier assessment
Negotiation and contracting
Prices and terms of delivery
Terms of payment
Penalty clauses and warranty conditions
Other arrangements
The ordering process and expediting
Follow-up and evaluation of the buying process
Major bottlenecks and problems
3 The purchasing management process
Learning objectives
Case study: Shell Houston
Primary tasks and responsibilities
Professionalizing purchasing: a few principles
Business alignment
Integrated, cross-functional approach
Purchasing management process
Purchasing and supply (market) research
Purchasing and supply objectives, strategy and planning
Implementation of purchasing policy
Control and evaluation
How purchasing and supply management develops over time
Stage 1 Transaction orientation: serve the factory
Stage 2 Commercial orientation: lowest unit price
Stage 3 Co-ordinated purchasing
Stage 4 Internal integration: cross-functional purchasing
Stage 5 External integration: supply chain management
Stage 6 Value chain orientation
Some observations from practice
4 Buying business services
Learning objectives
Case study: Buying marketing services at a European telecom provider
The increasing importance of services
Differences between goods and services
Towards a classification of services
The pre-contractual stage
Specifying: defining the scope of work for service providers
Selecting service providers
Contracting for services
The post-contractual stage
Involvement of purchasing in contracting for services
5 Contract management for complex projects
Learning objectives
Case study: What happened at the Amsterdam metro project
Contract management and contracts: agency theory
The contracting process
Pre-contractual stage
Contractual stage
Contract execution
Post-contractual stage
Problems in contract management
Perspectives on contract management
Contract models
Contract building blocks: pricing and payment mechanisms in contracts
Pricing mechanisms
Payment terms
Penalty clauses, liquidated damages and warranty conditions
Subcontracting and project execution
Contract governance
6 Public procurement
Learning objectives
Case study: What is good procurement?
The nature of public procurement
Public procurement law
Scope of the European Directives on public procurement
Framework agreements
Excluded assignments
Threshold values
Notices and public procurement procedures
European procurement procedures
Open procedure
Restricted procedure
Competitive procedure with negotiation
Negotiated procedure without prior publication
Competitive dialogue
Innovation partnership
Design contest
Dynamic purchasing system
Procurement process
Defining specifications
Supplier selection
Soliciting bids and awarding contracts
Implications for public procurement
Integrative case 6.1: Procurement of multi-functionals in the Blue Lake Hospital
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Integrative case 6.2: Technix
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Integrative case 6.3: Fred’s Fresh Supermarket
SECTION II: Strategy and planning
7 Purchasing and business strategy
Learning objectives
Case study: Harnessing the power of the network to deliver results
The strategic role of purchasing
Is purchasing strategic … or not?
Purchasing’s role in strategic management theory
Strategic planning and marketing theories
Competitive strategy
Innovation strategy and competence management
From internal to external resource management
Strategic management thinking: implications for purchasing and supply management
Towards purchasing excellence
Strategic management processes
Enabling processes
Purchasing portfolio analysis: principles
Four basic supplier strategies
Global sourcing
8 Outsourcing and risk management
Learning objectives
Case study: Outsourcing of IT
Outsourcing as a business concept
Definitions and concepts
Rationales for outsourcing
Success of outsourcing as a business strategy
The outsourcing process
Strategic phase
The transition phase
The operational phase
Risk assessment
Critical success factors of outsourcing
9 Category sourcing: developing effective sourcing strategies
Learning objectives
Case study: HP shows how to outsource production while keeping control over suppliers
Reasons underlying cost-savings potential in purchasing
How to identify cost-savings potential
Developing a sourcing strategy
Category sourcing planning
Getting better results from suppliers
The myth of partnership
10 Purchasing, innovation and quality management
Learning objectives
Case study: Suppliers as a source of innovation: PSA’s Pluriel project
Purchasing and innovation
The role of suppliers in new product development: early supplier involvement
Purchasing and new product development
Purchasing and quality management
Definition of terms: quality and quality assurance
The costs of quality
Supplier quality assurance
Assessing supplier quality: diagnostic methods
Implementing SQA: consequences for purchasing
11 Purchasing, logistics and supply chain management
Learning objectives
Purchasing, logistics and supply chain management: definitions and concepts
Case study: Li & Fung
Materials requirements planning
Basic logistics structures
Just-in-time management
Characteristics of just-in-time management
Order quantities and batch sizes
Quality and zero defects
JIT and the purchasing function
Advantages and disadvantages for the supplier
JIT and supplier selection
Elements of the purchasing information system
Co-ordination problems between purchasing and logistics
12 Purchasing organization
Learning objectives
Case study: Building blocks of change
Purchasing organization structure
Factors influencing the location of purchasing in the organization
Levels of tasks, responsibilities and authority
Strategic level
Tactical level
Operational level
Organizational structures within purchasing
Structure of purchasing in multi-unit companies
Decentralized purchasing structure
Centralized purchasing structure
Hybrid structure
Line/staff organization
Category sourcing structure
Centralized versus decentralized purchasing: some criteria to consider
Purchasing organization in single-unit companies
Purchasing job profiles
13 Performance measurement and governance in purchasing
Learning objectives
Case study: The introduction of a quality programme by an industrial components manufacturer
Factors influencing purchasing performance measurement
Why measure purchasing performance?
How to assess purchasing performance
Measuring purchasing performance: five key areas
Purchasing price/cost dimension
Purchasing product/quality dimension
Purchasing logistics dimension
Supplier relationship dimension
Purchasing’s organizational dimension
Purchasing budgets, purchasing savings and other performance measures
Purchasing materials budget
Purchasing budget indirect materials
The investment and tooling budget
Purchasing departmental budget
Purchasing cost savings: definitions and measures
Ratios and key performance indicators
Sarbanes–Oxley and procurement governance
Purchasing audit as a management tool
Integrative case 13.1: International Foods Industries
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Integrative case 13.2: European Airlines
Integrative case 13.3: Serving the customer at Joycies Products Ltd
SECTION III: Special topics
14 Supplier management: cost approaches and techniques
Learning objectives
Case study: Building a new headquarters
How is the purchase price determined?
Pricing methods
The learning curve
Supplier assessment
Levels of assessment
Supplier assessment methods
Financial assessment
Supplier development
15 Purchasing, corporate social responsibility and integrity
Learning objectives
Case study: Mattel’s reputation at stake through sourcing in China
Business principles and procurement
Towards a sustainable environment: ‘people, planet, profit’
From the Resource-Based View to stakeholder theory
Sustainable purchasing: towards sustainable supply chains
How to drive CSR in supply chain relationships
Circular sourcing
Trust, business integrity and ethics
Integrative case 15.1: Legends Car Company
Integrative case 15.2: Nespresso
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Test bank for urchasing and Supply Chain Management 7th Edition by van Weele