Test bank for Understanding Human Sexuality 7th Canadian by Janet Hyde



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Test bank for Understanding Human Sexuality 7th Canadian by Janet Hyde
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Test bank for Understanding Human Sexuality 7th Canadian by Janet Hyde

Test bank for Understanding Human Sexuality 7th Canadian by Janet Hyde

Understanding Human Sexuality has been widely recognized for its comprehensive and multidisciplinary coverage, its commitment to excellent scholarship, inclusion of meaningful and current Canadian content, and its accessibility and ability to engage students. Content is supported by research so that students feel confident that what they are learning is fact-based. Content also represents diversity of human sexuality along many dimensions including age, gender identity, sexual orientation and identity, ethnicity within Canada and in cultures around the world.

Table of Contents
Understanding Human Sexuality
Author Biographies
Contents in Brief
Chapter 1: Sexuality in Perspective
Sex and Gender
Influences on Sexuality
First Person: Paul: The Story of a Gay Anglican Priest
The Media
The Internet
Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Sexuality
Variations in Sexual Techniques
A Sexually Diverse World: How Much Can Behaviours Vary? Sexuality in Two Societies
Premarital and Extramarital Sex
Sex with Same-Sex Partners
Standards of Attractiveness
Regional and Cultural Variation in Sexuality
The Significance of Cross-Cultural Studies
Cross-Species Perspectives on Sexuality
Same-Sex Sexual Behaviour
In What Ways Are Humans Unique?
The Nonsexual Uses of Sexual Behaviour
The Sexual Health Perspective
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 2: Theoretical Perspectives on Sexuality
Evolutionary Perspectives
Evaluation of Sociobiology
Evolutionary Psychology
Psychological Theories
Psychoanalytic Theory
Learning Theory
Social Exchange Theory
Cognitive Theory
A Sexually Diverse World: Ritualized Same-Sex Sexual Activity in a Non-Western Society
Critical Theories
Feminist Theory
Queer Theory
Sociological Perspectives
Symbolic Interaction Theory
Sexual Scripts
Sexual Fields
Social Institutions
Theoretical Perspectives Revisited
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 3: Sex Research
Measuring Sex
Behavioural Measures
Implicit Measures
Biological Measures
Issues in Sex Research
Milestones in Sex Research: Masters and Johnson: How Did They Study Sexual Response in the Laborator
Accuracy of Measurement
Web-Based Surveys
Accuracy of Behavioural Observations
Extraneous Factors
Ethical Issues
Some Statistical Concepts
Average versus Normal
Incidence versus Frequency
The Major Sex Surveys
The Kinsey Report
Sexual Behaviour in the United States Today
Sexual Behaviour in Britain and Australia
Sexual Behaviour in Canada
The Canada Youth, Sexual Health, and HIV/AIDS Study
Magazine Surveys
Milestones in Sex Research: What Is the Legacy of Alfred C. Kinsey?
Studies of Special Populations
Media Content Analysis
First Person: Where Can I Go in Canada to Become a Sex Researcher?
Milestones in Sex Research: Confessions of a Scientist: The Career of Dr. William Fisher
Qualitative Methods
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 4: Sexual Anatomy
Genital Self-Image
Female Sexual Organs
External Organs
Internal Organs
The Breasts
A Sexually Diverse World: What Is Female Genital Cutting?
Male Sexual Organs
External Organs
Internal Organs
Cancers of the Sex Organs
Breast Cancer
Cancer of the Cervix, Endometrium, and Ovaries
Cancer of the Prostate
Cancer of the Testes
First Person: Prostate Cancer, Gonadal Hormones, and My Brain
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 5: Sex Hormones, Sexual Differentiation, and Menstruation
Sex Hormones
Sex Hormone Systems in Males
Sex Hormone Systems in Females
Biology of the Menstrual Cycle
The Phases of the Menstrual Cycle
Milestones in Sex Research: Is Environmental Pollution Affecting the Endocrine System
Prenatal Sexual Differentiation
Sex Chromosomes
Prenatal Hormones and the Genitals
Descent of the Testes and Ovaries
Brain Differentiation
Homologous Organs
Atypical Prenatal Gender Differentiation
Sexual Differentiation During Puberty
Changes in Boys
Changes in Girls
A Sexually Diverse World: Can Gender Be Assigned? The Story of David Reimer
Changes in Behaviour
Psychological Aspects of the Menstrual Cycle
Fluctuations in Mood: Do Women Become Extra Emotional?
Fluctuations in Performance
Fluctuations in Sex Drive
What Causes the Fluctuations in Mood: Why Do Some Women Get Emotional?
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 6: Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth
Sperm Meets Egg: The Incredible Journey
Improving the Chances of Conception: Making a Baby
First Person: Planning a Pregnancy?
Development of the Conceptus
The Embryo and Its Support Systems
Fetal Development
The Stages of Pregnancy
Sex during Pregnancy
Nutrition during Pregnancy
Substances That May Result in Birth Defects
Detecting Birth Defects
The Beginning of Labour
The Stages of Labour
Caesarean Section (C-section)
Childbirth Options
First Person: Giving Birth at Home: One Couple’s Experience
After the Baby Is Born: The Postpartum Period
Physical Changes
Psychological Changes
Attachment to the Baby
Sex during Postpartum
Biological Mechanisms
Physical and Mental Health
Pregnancy-Related Problems
Ectopic Pregnancy
Molar Pregnancy
Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension
D (Rh) Incompatibility
Miscarriage (Spontaneous Abortion)
Preterm Birth
Causes of Infertility
Psychological Aspects of Infertility
Treatment of Infertility
Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Assisted Insemination
Sperm Banks
Embryo Transfer
In Vitro Fertilization
Reproductive Cloning
Gender Selection
Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis
The Legal and Ethical Challenges of New Reproductive Technologies
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 7: Contraception and Abortion
Hormonal Methods
The Combination Pill
Other Kinds of Pills
The Patch
The Vaginal Ring
Emergency Contraception
First Person: A Brief History of Birth Control in Canada
Cervical Caps and the Sponge
Cervical Caps
The Sponge
The Male Condom
The Female Condom
Fertility Awareness (Rhythm) Methods
Male Sterilization
Female Sterilization
New Advances in Contraception
Male Methods
Female Methods
Milestones in Sex Research: History of the Development of Sophisticated Methods of Contraception
Psychological Aspects: Attitudes toward Contraception
Abortion Procedures
Medical Abortion
Psychological Aspects
Men and Abortion
First Person: A History of Abortion in Canada: Focus on Dr. Henry Morgentaler
A Sexually Diverse World: Abortion in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 8: Sexually Transmitted Infections
Genital Herpes
Long-Term Consequences
Psychological Aspects: Coping with Herpes
First Person: Coping with Herpes
HIV Infection and AIDS
An Epidemic?
The Virus
The Disease
Women, Children, Ethnic Minorities, and AIDS
Psychological Considerations in HIV/AIDS
Recent Progress in HIV/AIDS Research
Viral Hepatitis
Pubic Lice
Preventing STIs
First Person: Cool Lines about Safer Sex
Other Genital Infections
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 9: Sexual Arousal
The Sexual Response Cycle
More on Women’s Orgasms
Other Models of Sexual Response
Kaplan’s Triphasic Model
The Intimacy Model
The Dual Control Model
Emotion and Arousal
Hormonal and Neural Bases of Sexual Behaviour
The Brain, the Spinal Cord, and Sex
Brain Control of Sexual Response
Hormones and Sex
Sexual Techniques
Milestones in Sex Research: What Happens in the Brain during Sex?
Erogenous Zones
One-Person Sex
Two-Person Sex
Approaches to Lovemaking
First Person: Sex Toys and Physical Disability
A Sexually Diverse World: What Is Tantric Sex?
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 10: Sexuality and the Life Cycle: Childhood and Adolescence
Data Sources
First Person: What Was Your First Sexual Experience?
Infancy and the Preschool Years (Birth to 4 Years)
Child–Child Encounters
Sexual Knowledge and Interests
Knowledge about Gender
Childhood (5 to 11 Years)
Mixed-Sex Behaviour
Same-Sex Behaviour
Sex Knowledge and Interests
Sexualization of Children
Adolescence (12 to 18 Years)
Same-Sex Sexual Behaviour
Mixed-Sex Sexual Behaviour
Too Early Sex
Adolescent Romantic Relationships
Internet Use, Risk, and Sexting
Contraceptive and Condom Use
Milestones in Sex Research: What Impact Does Mass Media Have on Adolescent Sexuality?
Late Adolescence (19 to 22 Years)
Patterns of Mixed-Sex Behaviour Casual Sex
Same-Sex Sexual Behaviour
First Person: Becoming a Teen Mother: An Indigenous Woman’s Story
How Sexuality Aids in Development
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 11: Sexuality and the Life Cycle: Adulthood
Sex and the Single Person
Sexual Unfolding Development
The Never-Married
Being Single
Frequency of Intercourse
Sexual Techniques
Negotiating Sex
Sexual Satisfaction
Sexual Patterns
Sex and the Two-Career Family
Keeping Your Mate
Maintaining a Long-Term Relationship
Nonmonogamous Relationships
Extra-Relationship Sex
Open Nonmonogamous Relationships
Consequences of Nonmonogamous Relationships
Milestones in Sex Research: Sex on the Internet
Postrelationship Sex
Sex in Later Life
Physical Changes in Women
Changes in Men
Attitudes about Sex and Older Adults
Sexual Behaviour
Milestones in Sex Research: Older Adults Who Have Optimal Sexual Experiences
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 12: Attraction, Love, and Communication
The Girl Next Door
Birds of a Feather
Physical Attractiveness
The Interpersonal Marketplace
From the Laboratory to Real Life
Attraction Online
Explaining Our Preferences
Defining Intimacy
Intimacy and Self-Disclosure
Measuring Intimacy
Theories of Love
Triangular Theory of Love
Attachment Theory of Love
Love as a Story
Passionate and Companionate Love
The Biology of Love
Milestones in Sex Research: What Is Jealousy?
Researching Love
Measuring Love
Love and Adrenaline
Cross-Cultural Research
First Person: Why I Chose to Have an Arranged Marriage
Communication and Relationships
Sexual Self-Disclosure
Being an Effective Communicator
Fighting Fair
Checking Out Sexy Signals
Gender Differences in Communication
Relationship Education
First Person: Sexuality and Disability: Constructing a Sexual Blueprint
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 13: Gender and Sexuality
Gender Roles and Stereotypes
Gender Schema Theory
The Traditional Sexual Script
Gender Roles and Ethnicity
Gender Differences in Psychological Functioning
Milestones in Sex Research: Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation in Samoa
Gender Differences in Sexuality
Attitudes about Casual Sex
Use of Pornography
Arousal from Erotica
Orgasm Consistency
Sex Drive
Why the Differences?
Are the Differences Bogus?
Biological Factors
Cultural Factors
Other Factors
Beyond the Young Adults
The Experiences of Trans Individuals
Sexual Orientation and Transgender Identity
Trans Health
The Medical and Surgical Transition Process
What Causes Gender Variance?
Milestones in Sex Research: Measuring Anti-Trans Prejudice
First Person: Matt: A Transman’s Story
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 14: Sexual Orientation and Identity: Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Straight, or Asexual?
How Many People Are Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Straight, or Asexual?
Milestones in Sex Research: Asexuality: A Sexual Dysfunction, a Sexual Orientation, or Something Els
Attitudes toward Gay Men and Lesbians
Attitudes toward Bisexuals
Attitudes toward Asexuals
LGBs and the Law
Gay Men, Lesbians, and Bisexuals as a Minority Group
Life Experiences of LGB Individuals
LGB Development
Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Communities
Same-Sex Relationships
Lesbian and Gay Families
Milestones in Sex Research: Does Gaydar Exist?
First Person: Sexual Fluidity and Questioning
LGB Sexual Orientation and Mental Health
Sin and the Medical Model
Research Evidence
Can Sexual Orientation Be Changed by Psychotherapy?
First Person: Carolyn and cj: A Same-Sex Couple
What Determines Sexual Orientation?
Biological Theories
Learning Theory
Interactionist Theory
Sociological Theory
The Bottom Line
Differences between Gay Men and Lesbians
Sexual Orientation in Multicultural Perspective
A Final Note
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 15: Variations in Sexual Behaviour
When Is Sexual Behaviour Abnormal?
Defining Abnormal
The Normal–Abnormal Continuum
Sexual Addictions and Compulsions
Compulsive Sexual Behaviour
Why Do People Develop Fetishes?
First Person: A Case History of a Shoe Fetishist
Sexual Sadism and Masochism
Causes of Preference for Sexual Sadomasochism
Bondage and Discipline
Dominance and Submission
First Person: The Pleasure of Kinky Sex: Trevor Jacques, a BDSM Practitioner and Advocate
Voyeurism and Exhibitionism
Online Sexual Activity Use and Abuse
Other Sexual Variations
Other Variations
Prevention and Treatment of Paraphilic Disorders
Prevention of Paraphilic and Nonparaphilic Disorders
Treatment of Paraphilic and Nonparaphilic Disorders
What Works?
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 16: Sexual Coercion
Sexual Assault
Sexual Assault of Women
by Acquaintances
Partner Sexual Assault of Women
The Impact of Sexual Assault on Women
Causes of Sexual Assault against Women
The Role of Alcohol in Sexual Assault of Women
Men Who Are Sexually Aggressive against Women
Ethnicity and Sexual Assault against Women
Sexual Assault against Men
Sexual Assault in Prison
Preventing Sexual Assault
First Person: A Sexual Assault Victim Tells Her Story
First Person: What to Do after a Sexual Assault
Child Sexual Abuse
Patterns of Child Sexual Abuse
Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse
Impact on the Victim
The Offenders
Treatment of Sex Offenders
Mandatory Notification of the Release of Sex Offenders
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
Milestones in Sex Research: False Memory Syndrome? Recovered Memory?
Milestones in Sex Research: What Causes Pedophilia?
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment at Work
Sexual Harassment in Education
Sex between Health Care Professionals and Clients or Patients
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 17: Sex for Sale
Commercial Sex Work
Female Sex Workers
Male Sex Workers
Transgender Sex Workers
Sex Tourism
Milestones in Sex Research: Talking Back: Stories of Sex Work in the Maritimes
First Person: Working Their Way through University
The Pornography Industry
The Producers
The Customers
The Effects of Pornography
Issues Related to Pornography
First Person: Behind the Scene: Making X-Rated Videos
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 18: Sexual Disorders and Sex Therapy
Sexual Disorders
Disorders in Men
Disorders in Women
First Person: A Case of Female Orgasmic Disorder
What Causes Sexual Disorders?
Physical Causes
Psychological Causes
Combined Cognitive and Physiological Factors
A New View of Women’s Sexual Problems and Their Causes
Therapies for Sexual Disorders
Behaviour Therapy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Couple Therapy
Specific Treatments for Specific Problems
Biomedical Therapies
First Person: A Case of Low Sexual Desire
Evaluating Sex Therapy
Some Practical Information
Avoiding Sexual Disorders
Choosing a Sex Therapist
Critical THINKing Skill
Chapter 19: Sexuality Education
Purposes of Sexuality Education
In the Home, in the School, orSomewhere Else?
What to Teach at Different Ages
Children’s Sexual Knowledge
Children’s Sexual Interests
Attitudes toward School-Based Sexuality Education
The Curriculum
Early Sex Education Programs
HIV/AIDS Risk Education
Abstinence-Only Programs
Comprehensive, Theoretically Based Programs
Condom Distribution
Sexual Diversity
The Teacher
Home-Based Sexuality Education
First Person: Talking to Your Children about Sex
Sexuality Education in the Community
Sex Education by Health Care Professionals
Sex Education on the Internet
Effective Multicultural Sexuality Education
First Person: Sex Education for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Critical THINKing Skill
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Test bank for Understanding Human Sexuality 7th Canadian by Janet Hyde