Test bank For THINK Public Speaking 1st Edition by Isa N. Engleberg



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Test bank For THINK Public Speaking 1st Edition by Isa N. Engleberg
Test bank For THINK Public Speaking 1st Edition by Isa N. Engleberg $70.00 $55.00
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Test bank For THINK Public Speaking 1st Edition by Isa N. Engleberg

Test bank For THINK Public Speaking 1st Edition by Isa N. Engleberg

Debuting in its first edition, THINK Public Speaking uses the popular magazine-style format of Pearson’s THINK series and blends the how and why of effective public speaking into a highly visual, reader-friendly overview. THINK Public Speaking is a lively, accessible treatment of the core concepts of public speaking, filled with practical advice and examples and grounded in theory and research. THINK Public Speaking provides students with all the essentials for speaking successfully in the classroom and beyond—and at less than half the cost of a traditional text.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Principles of Effective Speaking

The Benefits of Effective Speaking

Defining Public and Presentation Speaking

The Public Speaking Tradition

The Key Elements and Guiding Principles

The Dynamic Presentation Model

Effective and Ethical Speaking

Chapter 2 Speaking with Confidence

You Are Not Alone

Understanding Communication Apprehension

Misconceptions About Speaking Anxiety

Building Confidence

Reducing Speaking Anxiety

Practice Matters

Chapter 3 Listening and Critical Thinking

The Challenge of Listening

The Audience’s Listening Responsibilities

The Speaker’s Listening Responsibilities

The Shared Responsibilities of Speakers and Listeners

What Is Critical Thinking?

The Fallacies of Argument

Critical Thinking Strategies for Speakers


Chapter 4 Purpose and Topic

Differentiating Types of Speeches

Determining Your Purpose

Choosing an Appropriate Topic

Beginning Your Research Now

Chapter 5 Audience Analysis and Adaptation

Focusing on Your Audience

Knowing Your Audience

Gathering Audience Information

Adapting to Your Audience

Chapter 6 Speaker Credibility and Ethics

The Power of Speaker Credibility

The Components of Speaker Credibility

Developing Your Credibility

Good Speeches by Good Speakers

The Good Audience

Chapter 7 Speech Setting and Occasion


Media Support




Chapter 8 Research and Supporting Material

Supporting Your Content

Testing Your Supporting Material

Documenting Your Content

Chapter 9 Organization and Outlining

Understanding Why Organization Matters

Determining Your Key Points


Using the Speech Framer

Choosing Organizational Patterns

Connecting Your Key Points

Organizing Creatively

Chapter 10 Introductions and Conclusions

Introductions as Mini-Speeches

Ways to Begin

Starting Strong

Conclusions as Mini-Speeches

Ways to End

Ending Effectively


Chapter 11 Engaging Language

The Nature of Language

The CORE Speaking Styles

Stylistic Devices

Your Language and Your Audience

Chapter 12 Generating Audience Interest

Overcoming Audience Disinterest

The Power of Stories

The Value of Humor

The Benefits of Audience Participation

The Advantages of Immediacy

Chapter 13 Delivering Your Speech

The Role of Delivery

Forms of Delivery

Using Notes Effectively

Components of Vocal Delivery

Vocal Clarity and Correctness

Components of Physical Delivery

Mediated Presentations

Chapter 14 Presentation Aids

The Functions of Presentation Aids

Types of Presentation Aids

Choosing the Medium

Visual Design Principles

Delivering Your Presentation Aids


Chapter 15 Speaking to Inform

What Is an Informative Speech?

Informative Communication Strategies

Insider Secrets of Informative Speakers

Informative Speaking in Action

Chapter 16 Speaking to Persuade

Persuading Others

Building Persuasive Arguments

The Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion

Persuasive Organizational Patterns

Persuasive Speaking in Action

Chapter 17 Speaking on Special Occasions

Special Occasion Speeches

Introducing a Presenter



Sales Presentations

Humorous Speeches

Question-and-Answer Sessions

Impromptu Speaking

Special Occasion Speaking in Action

Appendix A Speaking in Groups

Group Presentations

Public Group Presentations

Team Presentations

Private Group Presentations

Communicating in Groups

Appendix B Sample Speeches

Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address

George W. Bush, Speech at “Ground Zero”

Julie Borchard, The Sound of Muzak

Regina Smith, What’s Fair Is Fair

Nick Jonas, Diabetes Awareness

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Presidential Campaign Concession Speech

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Test bank For THINK Public Speaking 1st Edition by Isa N. Engleberg