Test bank For Psychology and Personal Growth 8th Edition by Nelson Goud



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Test bank For Psychology and Personal Growth 8th Edition by Nelson Goud
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Test bank For Psychology and Personal Growth 8th Edition by Nelson Goud

Test bank For Psychology and Personal Growth 8th Edition by Nelson Goud

This established collection of readings uses articles and photo essays to apply psychology to personal growth and development. The text guides students in learning about themselves and interacting with society. Its six major themes“identity, human communication, growth dynamics, feelings and emotions, human relationships, and leading a quality life“provide a thought-provoking look at how psychology influences personal development.

Table of Contents


Introduction and Overview

The Search for Identity: A Modern Problem, Carl Rogers

The Basic Relationship, Abe Arkoff

Rubricizing, Nelson Goud

Mindfulness, Jon Kabat-Zinn

Suddenly I’m the Adult?, Richard Cohen

Challenges of the Emerging Adult, Nelson Goud

The Rivers We Call Ourselves, Sarah Silbert

The Work World and the Emerging Adult, Nelson Goud

Occupational Exploration, Christopher A. Schaefer

Woodworker, Craig Mosher

Ending the Battle Between the Sexes, Aaron R. Kipnis and Elizabeth Herron

On Being a Man, Sam Keen

From Both Sides, Lillian Rubin

If I Were A Car, I’d Be A Lemon, Denise Karuth

Think “People First�, Ohio Public Images/Public Images Network


Childhood Survey

Are You An Adult?

Roles and Authenticity

A New Identity

Symbolic Identity

Gender Roles: Positive and Negative

Personal Goals — Identity


Introduction and Overview

Interpersonal Communication, Warner Burke

To Hear and To Be Heard, Carl Rogers

Johnny Bear and the Empath, Nelson Goud

John Steinbeck on Listening

A Teacher Hears

Self-Disclosure, Nelson Goud

You Just Don’t Understand, Deborah Tannen

Assertive, Nonassertive, and Aggressive Behavior, Arthur J. Lange and Patricia Jakubowski

Personal Journaling, Lou Beeker-Schultz

Awakening Intuition, Frances Vaughan

Sensational Living, Nelson Goud

Nature and Uses of Dreaming, Ernest Hartmann, M.D.

Sound Observations, Nelson Goud



Sender-Receiver Exchange

Point of View

The World of . . .

Effective Communicator Checklist

He Said, She Said

A Communication Medley

Intuition History

Problem Solving: Rational and Intuitive Strategies

Intuitive Problem-Solving Through Guided Imagery

Journal Beginnings

Sense Sampler

Trust Feast

Personal Goals — Human Communication


Introduction and Overview

Self-Actualizing and Beyond, Abraham Maslow

Uniqueness, Nelson Goud

Getting Unstuck: Joyfully Recreating Your Life, Harold H. Bloomfield and Robert B. Kory

Emerging Adults: Passion, Modifying Dreams, Education, Nelson Goud

The Unpredictable, Nelson Goud

Lesson of the Cliff, Morton Hunt

Small Terrors, Secret Heroics, Amy Gross

Herbie, Tom Keating

Too Perfect, Allan E. Mallinger, M.D., and Jeannette DeWyze

Advise to William Someboy, Poe Ballentine

Left Behind, Jenny Montgomery

Courage, Rollo May

Vital Moments, Nelson Goud

The Pace of Growth, John Knowles, an undergrad, and Nikos Kazantzakis

Just a Regular Kid, Fifth Grade Teacher

No One’s Perfect, Daphne Haygood-Benyard


Evolution of a Person

Stretching Limits

Trait Exaggeration

Strengths Recognition

First Times

Depression Checklist

Personal Goals — Growth Dynamics


Introduction and Overview

Shoulders, Nelson Goud

Intimate Relationship Choices, Abe Arkoff

Making Marriage Work, John Gottman and Nan Silver

Are Money Fights Ruining Your Marriage?, Dianne Hales

Some Thoughts on Intimacy, Nelson Gould

Internet Romance, Maghan Daum

Kinds of Friends, Judith Viorst

Lamenting the Fading of Friendships, Mark Murrmann

More Thoughts on Friends, Nelson Goud

Parents, Martin Shepard

Eye for Sale, Bob Greene

The Emerging Adult: Friends, Living Alone, and Living with Parents, Nelson Goud

Siblings, Nelson Goud

Mentoring, Nelson Goud

Resolving Interpersonal Conflicts, David W. Johnson

Making an Apology, Nelson Goud

The Missing Halloween, Nelson Goud

Think Nanny, Stephen D. Regan


Significant Other Perception Inventory

Love Maps

Sexuality Quiz

Heroes/Heroines and Role Models

Personal Goals — Human Relationships

The Follow-Up questions and Applied Activies aid in expanding the ideas in these readings and offer ways to apply them.


Maslow, A. (1968). Toward a psychology of being. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold Co.


Introduction and Overview

What’s Your Emotional IQ?, Daniel Goleman

Grumbles, Nelson Goud

Worry, Wayne Dyer

The Positive Face of Anxiety, Daniel A. Sugerman and Lucy Freeman

The Causes of Loneliness, William A. Sadler, Jr.

Little Joys, Abe Arkoff

Anger, Wayne Dyer

A Matter of Principle, Nelson Goud

Optimism and Pessimism, Abe Arkoff

Sarcasm and Apathy, Graduate Student

Jealousy and Envy, Jon Queijo

My Tyrant, Tom Peyton

On the Death of A Father, Sanford Colley

Loss and Mourning, Judity Viorst


Well-Being Gauge

Emotional Charades

Emotions and Perception

Listening to Emotions

How Do You Feel?

Nonverbal Observations

Anger Management

The Neighbor

Personal Goals — Emotions and Feelings


Introduction and Overview

Having the Time of Your Life, Nelson Goud

Time Quotes

Where the Light Is, Leo Buscaglia

The Happiness Machine, Ray Bradbury

The Last Leaf, O. Henry

Active Solitude, Carin Rubenstein and Phillip Shaver

Teachers in the Forest, Nelson Goud

Personality and Money Orientations, Robert Sullivan

Selected Thoughts, Nelson Goud

Personal Death Awareness (PDA), J. William Worden and William Proctor

Silicon Snake Oil, Clifford Stoll

Controlling Your Technologies, Nelson Goud

Ten Symptoms of Computer Addiction, James Fearing

To See Anew, Nelson Goud

Who Will Play Your Music?, Michael Jones


The Someday List

Talking to Wise Persons

Evolution of A Person #2

Personal Goals — A Quality Life

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Test bank For Psychology and Personal Growth 8th Edition by Nelson Goud