Test Bank for PSYCH 3rd Edition by Spencer A. Rathus



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Test Bank for PSYCH 3rd Edition by Spencer A. Rathus

Test Bank for PSYCH 3rd Edition by Spencer A. Rathus

Table of Contents

Brief Contents
Ch 1: What Is Psychology?
Ch 1: Truth or Fiction
Ch 1: Introduction
1-1: Psychology as a Science
1-2: What Psychologists Do
1-3: Where Psychology Comes From: A History
1-4: How Today’s Psychologists View Behavior and Mental Processes
1-5: How Psychologists Study Behavior and Mental Processes
Study Tools 1
Ch 2: Biology and Psychology
Ch 2: Truth or Fiction
Ch 2: Introduction
2-1: The Nervous System: On Being Wired
2-2: The Brain: Wider Than the Sky
2-3: The Endocrine System
2-4: Evolution and Heredity
Study Tools 2
Ch 3: Sensation and Perception
Ch 3: Truth or Fiction
Ch 3: Introduction
3-1: Sensation and Perception
3-2: Vision
3-3: Visual Perception
3-4: Hearing
3-5: The Chemical Senses: Smell and Taste
3-6: The Skin Senses
3-7: Kinesthesis and the Vestibular Sense
3-8: ESP: Is There Perception Without Sensation?
Study Tools 3
Ch 4: Consciousness
Ch 4: Truth or Fiction
Ch 4: Introduction
4-1: What Is Consciousness?
4-2: Sleep and Dreams
4-3: Altering Consciousness Through Hypnosis, Meditation, and Biofeedback
4-4: Altering Consciousness Through Drugs
Study Tools 4
Ch 5: Learning
Ch 5: Truth or Fiction
Ch 5: Introduction
5-1: Learning, Experience, and Change
5-2: Classical Conditioning: Learning What Is Linked to What
5-3: Operant Conditioning: Learning What Does What to What
5-4: Cognitive Factors in Learning
Study Tools 5
Ch 6: Memory: Remembrance of Things Past—and Future
Ch 6: Truth or Fiction
Ch 6: Introduction
6-1: Kinds of Memory
6-2: Processes of Memory
6-3: Stages of Memory
6-4: Forgetting
6-5: The Biology of Memory
Study Tools 6
Ch 7: Thinking, Language, and Intelligence
Ch 7: Truth or Fiction
Ch 7: Introduction
7-1: Thinking
7-2: Language
7-3: Intelligence
7-4: Nature and Nurture in Intelligence
Study Tools 7
Ch 8: Motivation and Emotion
Ch 8: Truth or Fiction
Ch 8: Introduction
8-1: The Psychology of Motivation
8-2: Theories of Motivation
8-3: Hunger
8-4: Sexual Motivation and Sexual Orientation
8-5: Achievement Motivation
8-6: Emotion
Study Tools 8
Ch 9: The Voyage Through the Life Span
Ch 9: Truth or Fiction
Ch 9: Introduction
9-1: Prenatal Development
9-2: Childhood
9-3: Adolescence
9-4: Emerging Adulthood
9-5: Adulthood
Study Tools 9
Ch 10: Personality: Theory and Measurement
Ch 10: Truth or Fiction
Ch 10: Introduction
10-1: The Psychodynamic Perspective
10-2: The Trait Perspective
10-3: Learning-Theory Perspectives
10-4: The Humanistic-Existential Perspective
10-5: The Sociocultural Perspective
10-6: Measurement of Personality
Study Tools 10
Ch 11: Stress, Health, and Coping
Ch 11: Truth or Fiction
Ch 11: Introduction
11-1: Stress: What It Is, Where It Comes From
11-2: Psychological Moderators of Stress
11-3: Stress and the Body
11-4: Psychology and Chronic Health Problems
Study Tools 11
Ch 12: Psychological Disorders
Ch 12: Truth or Fiction
Ch 12: Introduction
12-1: What Are Psychological Disorders?
12-2: Anxiety Disorders
12-3: Dissociative Disorders
12-4: Somatoform Disorders
12-5: Mood Disorders
12-6: Schizophrenia
12-7: Personality Disorders
Study Tools 12
Ch 13: Methods of Therapy
Ch 13: Truth or Fiction
Ch 13: Introduction
13-1: What Is Psychotherapy?
13-2: Psychodynamic Therapies
13-3: Humanistic Therapies
13-4: Behavior Therapy
13-5: Cognitive Therapies
13-6: Group Therapies
13-7: Does Psychotherapy Work?
13-8: Biological Therapies
Study Tools 13
Ch 14: Social Psychology
Ch 14: Truth or Fiction
Ch 14: Introduction
14-1: Attitudes
14-2: Prejudice and Discrimination
14-3: Attraction and Love
14-4: Social Perception
14-5: Social Influence
14-6: Aggression
14-7: Group Behavior
Study Tools 14
Appendix: Statistics
Answers to Study Tools Questions
Name Index
Subject Index
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Test Bank for PSYCH 3rd Edition by Spencer A. Rathus