Test bank for PROMO2, 2nd Edition by Thomas OGuinn



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Test bank for PROMO2, 2nd Edition by Thomas OGuinn

Test bank for PROMO2, 2nd Edition by Thomas OGuinn

Designed for today’s students through continuous feedback from students like you, PROMO 2e delivers an engaging and accessible solution that is proven to enhance your learning experience and improve your grades.

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Part 1: The Process of Brand Promotion in Marketing

Ch 1: The World of Integrated Marketing Communication

Sound Familiar?

The New World of Integrated Marketing Communication

LO 1: Promotion via Integrated Marketing Communication

LO 2: Mass-Mediated Communication

LO 3: Audiences for Promotion

LO 4: IMC as a Business Process

Ch 2: The Promotion Industry

Welcome to the Power Struggle

LO 1: Promotion Industry Trends

LO 2: Industry Scope and Structure

LO 3: Advertising and Promotion Agencies

LO 4: External Facilitators

LO 5: Media Organizations

Ch 3: The Evolution of Promoting Brands

When Soap Saved Marriage

LO 1: The Rise of Advertising

LO 2: Power in Distribution Channels

LO 3: Evolution of Promotion

LO 4: Anxiety and Empowerment (2000-Present)

LO 5: Does History Matter?

Part 2: Understanding the Market and Environment for Promoting Brands

Ch 4: Understanding the Marketing Environment: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

How Well Do You “Tolerate Mornings”?

LO 1: STP Marketing

LO 2: Identifying Target Segments

LO 3: Prioritizing Target Segments

LO 4: Formulating the Positioning Strategy

LO 5: Capturing Your Strategy in a Value Proposition

Ch 5: Understanding Buyer Behavior and the Communication Process

Ay Caramba!

LO 1: Consumers as Decision Makers

LO 2: Modes of Decision Making

LO 3: Key Psychological Processes

LO 4: Consuming in the Real World

LO 5: Advertising, Social Rift, and “Revolution”

LO 6: How Ads Transmit Meaning

Ch 6: The Regulatory and Ethical Environment of Promotions

Stalking or Serving?

LO 1: Social Impact of Brand Promotion

LO 2: Ethical Issues in Promotion

LO 3: Regulation of Advertising

LO 4: Federal Government Regulation

LO 5: Industry Self-Regulation

LO 6: Regulation of Direct Marketing and E-Commerce

Ch 7: The International Market Environment for Brand Promotion

Commander Safeguard Cleans Up

LO 1: Communicating across Cultures

LO 2: Challenges of International Brand Promotion

LO 3: Ad Agencies for International Marketing

LO 4: Globalized versus Localized Campaigns

Part 3: The Tools, Evaluation, and Measurement of Brand Promotion

Ch 8: Messaging and Media Strategies

Creativity Begets a Creepy King

LO 1: Why Promotion Needs Creativity

LO 2: Agencies, Clients, and the Creative Process

LO 3: Coordination, Collaboration, and Creativity

LO 4: Your Commitment to Creativity

Ch 9: The Internet

Axe Goes Where the Boys Are

LO 1: The Internet’s Role in Brand Promotion

LO 2: Internet Media

LO 3: Promotion on the Internet

LO 4: Establishing a Website

Measuring Effectiveness of Online Promotion

Managing the Brand in an E-Community

LO 5: The Future of Online Promotion

Ch 10: Direct Marketing

Luring Consumers with ePrizes

Evolution of Direct Marketing

LO 1: Direct Marketing Today

LO 2: Growing Popularity

LO 3: Database Marketing

LO 4: Media Used in Direct Marketing

Ch 11: Sales Promotion and Point of Purchase

Free Drinks!

LO 1: Role of Sales Promotion

LO 2: Consumer Sales Promotion

LO 3: Sales Promotion to the Trade and Business Buyers

LO 4: Risks of Sales Promotion

LO 5: Point-of-Purchase Advertising

LO 6: Support Media

Ch 12: Sponsorship, Product Placements, and Branded Entertainment

Branding the Lunch Break

Meet Me at Madison & Vine

LO 1: Event Sponsorship

LO 2: Product Placements

LO 3: Branded Entertainment

Challenges of Product Placement and Branded Entertainment

LO 4: Coordinating IMC Efforts

Ch 13: Public Relations, Influencer Marketing, Social Media, and Corporate Advertising

Your Friend from NASCAR

LO 1: Public Relations

LO 2: PR Objectives

LO 3: PR Strategies

LO 4: Influencer Marketing

LO 5: Social Media

LO 6: Corporate Advertising

Ch 14: Personal Selling and Sales Management

Selling to Salespeople

LO 1: Personal Selling

LO 2: What Salespeople Do

LO 3: Personal-Selling Objectives

LO 4: The Selling Process

LO 5: Selling in a New Environment

LO 6: Sales Management

Ch 15: Measuring the Effectiveness of Brand Promotions

Research and the Campaign for Real Beauty

LO 1: Issues in Measuring Effectiveness

LO 2: Effectiveness of Advertisements

LO 3: Identifying Measures of Effectiveness

LO 4: Effectiveness of Personal Selling

LO 5: Effectiveness of the IMC Program

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Test bank for PROMO2, 2nd Edition by Thomas OGuinn


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