Test Bank for Project Management A Managerial Approach 9th Edition by Jack R. Meredith



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Test Bank for Project Management A Managerial Approach 9th Edition by Jack R. Meredith
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Test Bank for Project Management A Managerial Approach 9th Edition by Jack R. Meredith

Test Bank for Project Management A Managerial Approach 9th Edition by Jack R. Meredith

Designed for project management courses for business students, Project Management: A Managerial Approach, 9th Edition guides students through all facets of the steps needed to successfully manage a project.  The author’s managerial perspective addresses the basic nature of managing all types of projects as well as the specific techniques and insights required for selecting, initiating, executing, and evaluating those projects.

Table of Contents

Title Page
Dedication and Copyright
Chapter 1: Projects in Contemporary Organizations
1.1 The Definition of a “Project”
1.2 Why Project Management?
1.3 The Project Life Cycle
1.4 The Structure of this Text
A Unique Method for Traveler-Tracking at Copenhagen Airport
The Smart-Grid Revolution Starts in Boulder, Colorado
The Olympic Torch Relay Project
Turning London’s Waste Dump into the 2012 Olympics Stadium
Part I: Project Initiation
Chapter 2: Strategic Management and Project Selection
2.1 Project Management Maturity
2.2 Project Selection Criteria and Models
2.3 Types of Project Selection Models
2.4 Risk Considerations in Project Selection
2.5 Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
2.6 Project Bids and RFPs (Requests for Proposals)
Taipei 101: Refitted as World’s Tallest Sustainable Building
Using a Project Portfolio to Achieve 100% On-Time Delivery at Decor Cabinet Company
Implementing Strategy through Projects at Blue Cross/Blue Shield
CASE: Pan-Europa Foods S.A.
READING: From Experience: Linking Projects to Strategy
Chapter 3: The Project Manager
3.1 Project Management and the Project Manager
3.2 Special Demands on the Project Manager
3.3 Attributes of Effective Project Managers
3.4 Problems of Cultural Differences
The Project Management Career Path at AT&T
A Surprise “Director of Storm Logistics” for Katrina
Shanghai Unlucky with Passengers
The Wreckmaster at a New York Subway Accident
Growing Stress at Twitter
Success at Energo by Integrating Two Diverse Cultures
CASE: The National Jazz Hall of Fame
READING: Juggling Act
Chapter 4: Managing Conflict and the Art of Negotiation
4.1 Identifying and Analyzing Stakeholders
4.2 Conflict and the Project Life Cycle
4.3 Dealing with Conflict
4.4 The Nature of Negotiation
4.5 Partnering, Chartering, and Scope Change
4.6 Some Requirements and Principles of Negotiation
Quickly Building a Kindergarten through Negotiation
Stakeholder Involvement at Nemours Children’s Hospital
A Consensus Feasibility Study for Montreal’s Archipel Dam
Negotiation in Action—The Quad Sensor Project
READING: Power of Persuasion
Chapter 5: The Project in the Organizational Structure
5.1 Projects in a Functional Organization
5.2 Projects in a Projectized Organization
5.3 Projects in a Matrixed Organization
5.4 Projects in Composite Organizational Structures
5.5 Selecting a Project Form
5.6 The Project Management Office (PMO)
5.7 The Project Team
5.8 Human Factors and the Project Team
Reorganizing for Project Management at Prevost Car
Software Firm Yunio Avoids Complex Technologies
Trinatronic, Inc.
A Project Management Office Success for the Transportation Security Administration
The Empire Uses Floating Multidisciplinary Teams
South African Repair Success through Teamwork
CASE: Acorn Industries
READING: Four Steps to a Stronger PMO
Part II: Project Planning
Chapter 6: Project Activity and Risk Planning
6.1 Initial Project Coordination and the Project Charter
6.2 The WBS: A Key Element of the Project Plan
6.3 Human Resources: The RACI Matrix and Agile Projects
6.4 Interface Coordination through Integration Management
6.5 Project Risk Management
Beagle 2 Mars Probe a Planning Failure
Child Support Software a Victim of Scope Creep
Using Agile to Integrate Two Gas Pipeline Systems
Trying to Install a Wind Farm in the Middle of the North Sea
An Acquisition Failure Questions Recommended Practice
Risk Analysis vs. Budget/Schedule Requirements in Australia
Ignoring Risk Contrasted with Recognizing Risk in Two Industries
Facebook Risks Interruption to Move a Terabyte
CASE: Heublein: Planning a Project Management and Control System
READING: Planning for Crises in Project Management
Chapter 7: Budgeting: Estimating Costs and Risks
7.1 Estimating Project Budgets
7.2 Improving the Process of Cost Estimating
7.3 Risk Estimation
Pathfinder Mission to Mars—on a Shoestring
Convention Security: Project Success through Budget Recovery
Managing Costs at Massachusetts’ Neighborhood Health Plan
Habitat for Humanity Wins a Big One
The Emanon Aircraft Corporation
Simulating the Failure of California’s Levees
CASE: Concrete Masonry Corporation
READING: Three Perceptions of Project Cost
Chapter 8: Scheduling
8.1 Background
8.2 Network Techniques: PERT and CPM
8.3 Risk Analysis using Simulation with Crystal Balld®
8.4 Using these Tools
Massachusetts’ Instant Bridges
Election Returns within Three Hours
Hosting the Annual Project Management Institute Symposium
Designing and Delivering a Rush Vehicle for War
CASE: Nutristar
READING: Without Further Delay
Chapter 9: Resource Allocation
9.1 Critical Path Method—Crashing a Project
9.2 The Resource Allocation Problem
9.3 Resource Loading
9.4 Resource Leveling
9.5 Constrained Resource Scheduling
9.6 Multiproject Scheduling and Resource Allocation
9.7 Goldratt’s Critical Chain
Expediting Los Angeles Freeway Repairs after the Earthquake
Thirty Days to Rescue
Benefits of Resource Constraining at Pennsylvania Electric
Architectural Associates, Inc.
CASE: D. U. Singer Hospital Products Corp.
READING: Let the Games Begin—Now
Part III: Project Execution
Chapter 10: Monitoring and Information Systems
10.1 The Planning-Monitoring-Controlling Cycle
10.2 Information Needs and Reporting
10.3 Earned Value Analysis
10.4 Computerized PMIS (Project Management Information Systems)
Using Project Management Software to Schedule the Olympic Games
Drug Counseling Program
Using Earned Value to Monitor Governmental Archiving and Records Costs
Success through Earned Value at Texas Instruments
CASE: The Project Manager/Customer Interface
READING: Raise the Red Flags
Chapter 11: Project Control
11.1 The Fundamental Purposes of Control
11.2 Three Types of Control Processes
11.3 The Design of Control Systems
11.4 Control of Change and Scope Creep
11.5 Control: A Primary Function of Management
Regaining Control of Nuclear Fusion
Extensive Controls for San Francisco’s Metro Turnback Project
Tracking Scope Creep: a Project Manager Responds
Major Scope Creep in Boston’s “Big Dig”
Better Control of Development Projects at Johnson Controls
CASE: Peerless Laser Processors
READING: Ford Motor Co.: Electrical/Electronic Systems Engineering
Chapter 12: Project Auditing
12.1 Purposes of Evaluation—Goals of the System
12.2 The Project Audit
12.3 The Project Audit Life Cycle
12.4 Some Essentials of an Audit/Evaluation
12.5 Measurement
Lessons from Auditing 110 Client/Server and Open Systems Projects
Auditing a Troubled Project at Atlantic States Chemical Laboratories
CASE: Theater High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD): Five Failures and Counting (B)
READING: An Assessment of Postproject Reviews
Chapter 13: Project Termination
13.1 The Varieties of Project Termination
13.2 When to Terminate a Project
13.3 The Termination Process
13.4 The Final Report—A Project History
13.5 Afterword
Nucor’s Approach to Termination by Addition
Twelve Hospital Handoff Projects
Terminating the Superconducting Super Collider Project
When you have to Kill a Project
Author Index
Subject Index
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Test Bank for Project Management A Managerial Approach 9th Edition by Jack R. Meredith