Test Bank for Principles of Information Systems 12th Edition Ralph Stair



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Test Bank for Principles of Information Systems 12th Edition Ralph Stair
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Test Bank for Principles of Information Systems 12th Edition Ralph Stair

Test Bank for Principles of Information Systems 12th Edition Ralph Stair

Delivering the latest research and most current coverage available, PRINCIPLES OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 12E equips students with a solid understanding of the core principles of IS and how it is practiced. Covering the latest developments from the field and their impact on the rapidly changing role of today’s IS professional, the twelfth edition includes expanded coverage of mobile solutions, an increased focus on energy and environmental concerns, new discussions on the growing use of cloud computing across the globe, a stronger career emphasis, and a fully updated running case. Learning firsthand how information systems can increase profits and reduce costs, students explore new information on e-commerce and enterprise systems, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, green computing, and other issues reshaping the industry. The text introduces the challenges and risks of computer crimes, hacking, and cyberterrorism. It also presents some of the most current research on virtual communities and global IS work solutions as well as social networking. A long-running example illustrates how technology was used in the design, development, and production of this text. No matter where students’ career paths may lead, PRINCIPLES OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 12E can help them maximize their success as employees, decision makers, and business leaders.

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1305633903, 1285867165, 1305794559, 1473735203, 9781305633902, 9781305794559, 9781473735200, 9781305449466


Brief Contents
Part 1: Overview
Ch 1: An Introduction to Information Systems
Ch 1: Principles
Ch 1: Learning Objectives
Caterpillar, Inc.
Information Concepts
System Concepts
What Is an Information System?
Business Information Systems
Systems Development
Information Systems in Business and Society
Global Challenges in Information Systems
Ch 1: Summary
Ch 1: Key Terms
Ch 1: Self-Assessment Test
Ch 1: Self-Assessment Test Answers
Ch 1: Review Questions
Ch 1: Discussion Questions
Ch 1: Problem-Solving Exercises
Ch 1: Team Activities
Ch 1: Web Exercises
Ch 1: Career Exercises
Ch 1: Case Studies
Ch 1: Notes
Ch 2: Information Systems in Organizations
Ch 2: Principles
Ch 2: Learning Objectives
Willson, Canada
Organizations and Information Systems
Competitive Advantage
Financial Evaluation of Information System Projects
Careers in Information Systems
Ch 2: Summary
Ch 2: Key Terms
Ch 2: Self-Assessment Test
Ch 2: Self-Assessment Test Answers
Ch 2: Review Questions
Ch 2: Discussion Questions
Ch 2: Problem-Solving Exercises
Ch 2: Team Activities
Ch 2: Web Exercises
Ch 2: Career Exercises
Ch 2: Case Studies
Ch 2: Notes
Part 2: Information Technology Concepts
Ch 3: Hardware: Input, Processing, Output, and Storage Devices
Ch 3: Principles
Ch 3: Learning Objectives
Fujitsu, Japan
Computer Systems: Integrating the Power of Technology
Processing and Memory Devices: Power, Speed, and Capacity
Secondary Storage
Input and Output Devices: The Gateway to Computer Systems
Computer System Types
Data Centers
Green Computing
Ch 3: Summary
Ch 3: Key Terms
Ch 3: Self-Assessment Test
Ch 3: Self-Assessment Test Answers
Ch 3: Review Questions
Ch 3: Discussion Questions
Ch 3: Problem-Solving Exercises
Ch 3: Team Activities
Ch 3: Web Exercises
Ch 3: Career Exercises
Ch 3: Case Studies
Ch 3: Notes
Ch 4: Software: Systems and Application Software
Ch 4: Principles
Ch 4: Learning Objectives
Creativesystems, Portugal
An Overview of Software
Systems Software
Application Software
Programming Languages
Software Issues and Trends
Ch 4: Summary
Ch 4: Key Terms
Ch 4: Self-Assessment Test
Ch 4: Self-Assessment Test Answers
Ch 4: Review Questions
Ch 4: Discussion Questions
Ch 4: Problem-Solving Exercises
Ch 4: Team Activities
Ch 4: Web Exercises
Ch 4: Career Exercises
Ch 4: Case Studies
Ch 4: Notes
Ch 5: Database Systems and Applications
Ch 5: Principles
Ch 5: Learning Objectives
VELUX, Denmark
Data Management
Data Modeling and Database Characteristics
Database Management Systems
Database Applications
Ch 5: Summary
Ch 5: Key Terms
Ch 5: Self-Assessment Test
Ch 5: Self-Assessment Test Answers
Ch 5: Review Questions
Ch 5: Discussion Questions
Ch 5: Problem-Solving Exercises
Ch 5: Team Activities
Ch 5: Web Exercises
Ch 5: Career Exercises
Ch 5: Case Studies
Ch 5: Notes
Ch 6: Telecommunications and Networks
Ch 6: Principles
Ch 6: Learning Objectives
Westermo, Sweden
An Overview of Telecommunications
Networks and Distributed Processing
Telecommunications Services and Network Applications
Ch 6: Summary
Ch 6: Key Terms
Ch 6: Self-Assessment Test
Ch 6: Self-Assessment Test Answers
Ch 6: Review Questions
Ch 6: Discussion Questions
Ch 6: Problem-Solving Exercises
Ch 6: Team Activities
Ch 6: Web Exercises
Ch 6: Career Exercises
Ch 6: Case Studies
Ch 6: Notes
Ch 7: The Internet, Web, Intranets, and Extranets
Ch 7: Principles
Ch 7: Learning Objectives
Baidu, China
Use and Functioning of the Internet
The World Wide Web
Internet and Web Applications
Intranets and Extranets
Internet Issues
Ch 7: Summary
Ch 7: Key Terms
Ch 7: Self-Assessment Test
Ch 7: Self-Assessment Test Answers
Ch 7: Review Questions
Ch 7: Discussion Questions
Ch 7: Problem-Solving Exercises
Ch 7: Team Activities
Ch 7: Web Exercises
Ch 7: Career Exercises
Ch 7: Case Studies
Ch 7: Notes
Part 3: Business Information Systems
Ch 8: Electronic and Mobile Commerce
Ch 8: Principles
Ch 8: Learning Objectives
Bharti Airtel, India
An Introduction to Electronic Commerce
Introduction to Mobile Commerce
Electronic and Mobile Commerce Applications
Strategies for Successful E-Commerce and M-Commerce
Technology Infrastructure Required to Support E-Commerce and M-Commerce
Ch 8: Summary
Ch 8: Key Terms
Ch 8: Self-Assessment Test
Ch 8: Self-Assessment Test Answers
Ch 8: Review Questions
Ch 8: Discussion Questions
Ch 8: Problem-Solving Exercises
Ch 8: Team Activities
Ch 8: Web Exercises
Ch 8: Career Exercises
Ch 8: Case Studies
Ch 8: Notes
Ch 9: Enterprise Systems
Ch 9: Principles
Ch 9: Learning Objectives
Bronto Skylift, Finland
Transaction Processing Systems
Transaction Processing Activities
Enterprise Systems
Ch 9: Summary
Ch 9: Key Terms
Ch 9: Self-Assessment Test
Ch 9: Self-Assessment Test Answers
Ch 9: Review Questions
Ch 9: Discussion Questions
Ch 9: Problem-Solving Exercises
Ch 9: Team Activities
Ch 9: Web Exercises
Ch 9: Career Exercises
Ch 9: Case Studies
Ch 9: Notes
Ch 10: Information and Decision Support Systems
Ch 10: Principles
Ch 10: Learning Objectives
Uttarakhand Power Corporation Ltd., India
Decision Making and Problem Solving
An Overview of Management Information Systems
Functional Aspects of the MIS
An Overview of Decision Support Systems
Components of a Decision Support System
Group Decision Support Systems
Ch 10: Summary
Ch 10: Key Terms
Ch 10: Self-Assessment Test
Ch 10: Self-Assessment Test Answers
Ch 10: Review Questions
Ch 10: Discussion Questions
Ch 10: Problem-Solving Exercises
Ch 10: Team Activities
Ch 10: Web Exercises
Ch 10: Career Exercises
Ch 10: Case Studies
Ch 10: Notes
Ch 11: Knowledge Management and Specialized Information Systems
Ch 11: Principles
Ch 11: Learning Objectives
Caesaria, Israel
Knowledge Management Systems
Overview of Artificial Intelligence
Overview of Expert Systems
Multimedia and Virtual Reality
Other Specialized Systems
Ch 11: Summary
Ch 11: Key Terms
Ch 11: Self-Assessment Test
Ch 11: Self-Assessment Test Answers
Ch 11: Review Questions
Ch 11: Discussion Questions
Ch 11: Problem-Solving Exercises
Ch 11: Team Activities
Ch 11: Web Exercises
Ch 11: Career Exercises
Ch 11: Case Studies
Ch 11: Notes
Part 4: Systems Development
Ch 12: Systems Development: Investigation, Analysis, and Design
Ch 12: Principles
Ch 12: Learning Objectives
Digital Delta, The Netherlands
An Overview of Systems Development
Traditional Systems Development Life Cycle
Systems Investigation
Systems Analysis
Systems Design
Ch 12: Summary
Ch 12: Key Terms
Ch 12: Self-Assessment Test
Ch 12: Self-Assessment Test Answers
Ch 12: Review Questions
Ch 12: Discussion Questions
Ch 12: Problem-Solving Exercises
Ch 12: Team Activities
Ch 12: Web Exercises
Ch 12: Career Exercises
Ch 12: Case Studies
Ch 12: Notes
Ch 13: Systems Development: Construction, Integration and Testing, Implementation, Operation and Mai
Ch 13: Principles
Ch 13: Learning Objectives
British Telecom, United Kingdom
Traditional Systems Development Life Cycle—Continued
Integration and Testing
Systems Operation and Maintenance
Alternate Systems Development Life Cycles and Approaches
Tips to Avoid Project Failure
Ch 13: Summary
Ch 13: Key Terms
Ch 13: Self-Assessment Test
Ch 13: Self-Assessment Test Answers
Ch 13: Review Questions
Ch 13: Discussion Questions
Ch 13: Problem-Solving Exercises
Ch 13: Team Activities
Ch 13: Web Exercises
Ch 13: Career Exercises
Ch 13: Case Studies
Ch 13: Notes
Part 5: Information Systems in Business and Society
Ch 14: The Personal and Social Impact of Computers
Ch 14: Principles
Ch 14: Learning Objectives
Mt. Gox, Japan
Computer Waste and Mistakes
Preventing Computer-Related Waste and Mistakes
Computer Crime
The Computer as a Tool to Commit Crime
The Computer as a Tool to Fight Crime
The Computer as the Object of Crime
Preventing Computer-Related Crime
Privacy Issues
Work Environment
Ethical Issues in Information Systems
Ch 14: Summary
Ch 14: Key Terms
Ch 14: Self-Assessment Test
Ch 14: Self-Assessment Test Answers
Ch 14: Review Questions
Ch 14: Discussion Questions
Ch 14: Problem-Solving Exercises
Ch 14: Team Activities
Ch 14: Web Exercises
Ch 14: Career Exercises
Ch 14: Case Studies
Ch 14: Notes
Subject Index
Company Index
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Test Bank for Principles of Information Systems 12th Edition Ralph Stair