Test Bank for Nursing Leadership and Management 3rd Canadian Edition by Patricia Kelly



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Test Bank for Nursing Leadership and Management 3rd Canadian Edition by Patricia Kelly
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Test Bank for Nursing Leadership and Management 3rd Canadian Edition by Patricia Kelly

Test Bank for Nursing Leadership and Management 3rd Canadian Edition by Patricia Kelly

Nursing Leadership and Management, the Third Canadian Edition, is designed to help students and beginning nurses develop the knowledge and skills to lead and manage nursing care delivery in the 21st century. The nursing shortage and fiscal realities are pressuring healthcare organizations to require nurses to do more with less and to adapt quickly to change. Recommendations for the health care profession highlight the need for nurses to be educated in a broader way, including education in the areas of interprofessional teamwork, integration, population-based health care, evidence-based practice, informatics, ethics, quality improvement, culture, spirituality, and change, to name just a few. This text addresses many of these topics, along with others, to prepare the beginning nurse leader and manager to successfully function in the modern healthcare system.

Table of Content

About the Author
How to Use This Book
Unit I: Introduction
Ch 1: Canada’s Health Care Environment
Organization of Health Care
Health Care Spending
Approaches to Health Care in Canada
Health Care Variation and Evidence-Based Practice
Quality Health Care
Recent Changes in Health Care
Other Forces Influencing Trends in Health Care
Ch 2: Basic Clinical Health Care Economics
Traditional Perspective on the Cost of Health Care: Health Care as Altruism
Unit II: A New Health Care Model
Ch 3: Evidence-Based Practice
History of Evidence-Based Practice
Importance of Evidence-Based Practice
Misconceptions about Evidence-Based Practice
Evidence: Sources, Types, and Evaluation
Levels of Evidence
Knowledge Transfer and Evidence-Based Decisions in Policy
Ch 4: Nursing and Health Care Informatics
What is Nursing Informatics?
Health Information Systems
Interface between the Informatics Nurse and the Clinical Information System
Trends in Computing
The Internet
Ch 5: Population-Based Health Care Practice
Population Health
Population-Based Nursing Practice
Nursing in Nontraditional Settings
Program Planning and Evaluation
Ch 6: Personal and Interprofessional Communication
Trends in Society That Affect Communication
Elements of the Communication Process
Channels of Communication
Modes of Communication
Level of Communication
Organizational Communication
Communication Skills
Barriers to Communication
Workplace Communication
Ch 7: Politics and Consumer Partnerships
Stakeholders and Health Care
The Politics and Economics of Human Services
Cultural Dimensions of Partnerships and Consumerism
Nurse as Political Activist
Consumer Demands
Turning a Consumer-Oriented Vision into Reality
Credibility and Politics
Unit III: Planning Care
Ch 8: Nursing Leadership and Management
Definition of Leadership
Kouzes and Posner’s Five Leadership Practices
Nursing Leadership and Outcomes
Future Directions
Definition of Management
Management Theories
Motivation Theories
The Changing Nature of Managerial Work
Ch 9: Current Issues and Trends
Client-Centred Care
Scope of Practice
Ch 10: Effective Team Building
Defining Teams and Committees
Stages of Team Process
Key Concepts of Effective Teams
Creating an Environment Conducive to Team Building
Ch 11: Budget Concepts for Client Care
Types of Budgets
Budget Overview
Budget Preparation
Scope of Service and Goals
Budget Development
Budget Approval and Monitoring
Ch 12: Effective Staffing
Determination of Staffing Needs
Evaluation of Staffing Effectiveness
Models of Care Delivery
Care Delivery Management Tools
Ch 13: Delegation of Nursing Care
Perspectives on Delegation
What is Delegation?
Accountability and Responsibility
Assignment Making
Responsibilities of Health Team Members
Direct Delegation and Indirect Delegation
Inappropriate Delegation
Transcultural Delegation
Unit IV: Managing Care
Ch 14: Strategic Planning and Organizing Client Care
Strategic Planning
Organizational Culture
High-Reliability Organizations-A Culture of Safety
Organizational Vision, Mission, and Philosophy
Trends in Organizations
The Structure of Professional Practice
The Process of Professional Practice
Measurable Quality Outcomes
Ch 15: Change, Innovation, and Conflict Resolution
Traditional Change Theories
Conflict Management and Change
Ch 16: Power
Definitions of Power
Power and Accountability
Personal Orientation and the Internet
Empowerment and Disempowerment
A Plan for Personal Empowerment
Power and the Limits of Information
Unit V: Evaluation
Ch 17: Managing Performance and Outcomes Using an Organizational Quality Improvement Model
Evolution of Quality Improvement Initiatives
General Principles of Quality Improvement
Implications for Client Care
Methodologies for Quality Improvement
Principles in Action in an Organization
Outcomes Monitoring
Enterprise Risk Management
Ch 18: Decision Making
Critical Thinking
Reflective Thinking
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Group Decision Making
Limitations to Effective Decision Making
Use of Technology in Decision Making
Nurses’ Role in Client Decision Making
Strategies to Improve Decision Making
Unit VI: Other Professional Considerations
Ch 19: Legal Aspects of Client Care
Sources of Law
Public Law
Civil Law
Legal Protections in Nursing Practice
Ch 20: Spirituality and the Profession of Nursing
Spirituality and Nursing
Leadership: Learning and Growing
Cultural Care Theories
Spiritual Distress
Working with a Spiritual Care Team
Leadership Roles for Modelling Spiritual and Cultural Care
Nursing Leadership
Spiritual Practices Every Nurse Can Adopt
Spiritual Care at the End of Life
Ethical Concerns
Ch 21: Ethics and the Profession of Nursing
Ethics and Morality
Ethical Theories
Foundations for Ethical Care in Canada
Codes of Ethics in Nursing
Professional Dilemmas
Leadership Roles and Challenges in Ethics
Two Models for Ethical Decision Making
Ch 22: Collective Bargaining
History of Nursing Unionization in Canada
Collective Action Models
The Process of Unionization
Nursing Associations
Professionalism and Unionization
Managing in a Union Environment
Pros and Cons of Collective Bargaining
Unit VII: Preparation for Entry-Level Nursing Practice
Ch 23: Career Planning and Development: Creating Your Path to the Future
Creating Your Career Vision
Your Self-Assessment and Reality Check
Scanning Your Environment
Creating Your Strategic Career Plan
Marketing Yourself
Preparing for an Interview
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Test Bank for Nursing Leadership and Management 3rd Canadian Edition by Patricia Kelly