Test bank for International Marketing 16th edition by Philip Cateora



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Test bank for International Marketing 16th edition by Philip Cateora
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Test bank for International Marketing 16th edition by Philip Cateora

Test bank for International Marketing 16th edition by Philip Cateora

International Marketing by Cateora, Gilly, and Graham has been a pioneer in the field of international marketing. The authors continue to set the standard in this edition with new and expanded topics that reflect the swift changes of the competitive global market, as well as increased coverage of technology’s impact on the international market arena. Now with over 100 new academic articles and their findings integrated into this 16th edition! Providing a well-rounded perspective of international markets that encompasses history, geography, language, and religion as well as economics, International Marketing helps students to see the cultural and environmental uniqueness of any nation or region. The 16th edition reflects all the important events and innovations to affect global business within recent years, while including several new and updated learning tools and teaching resources.

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1. The Scope and Challenge of International Marketing

Global Perspective: Global Commerce Causes Peace

The Internationalization of U.S. Business

International Marketing Defined

The International Marketing Task

Marketing Decision Factors

Aspects of the Domestic Environment

Aspects of the Foreign Environment

Environmental Adaptation Needed

The Self-Reference Criterion and Ethnocentrism: Major Obstacles

Developing a Global Awareness

Stages of International Marketing Involvement

No Direct Foreign Marketing

Infrequent Foreign Marketing

Regular Foreign Marketing

International Marketing

Global Marketing

The Orientation of International Marketing

2. The Dynamic Environment of International Trade

Global Perspective: Trade Barriers—An International Marketer’s Minefield

The Twentieth to the Twenty-First Century

World Trade and U.S. Multinationals

Beyond the First Decade of the Twenty-First Century

Balance of Payments


Protection Logic and Illogic

Trade Barriers

Easing Trade Restrictions

The Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

World Trade Organization

Skirting the Spirit of GATT and WTO

The International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group

Protests against Global Institutions


3. History and Geography: The Foundations of Culture

Global Perspective: Helping 400 Million People Give Up Smoking

Historical Perspective in Global Business

History and Contemporary Behavior

History Is Subjective

Manifest Destiny and the Monroe Doctrine

Geography and Global Markets

Climate and Topography

Geography, Nature, and Economic Growth

Social Responsibility and Environmental Management


Dynamics of Global Population Trends

Controlling Population Growth

Rural/Urban Migration

Population Decline and Aging

Worker Shortage and Immigration

World Trade Routes

Communication Links

4. Cultural Dynamics in Assessing Global Markets

Global Perspective: Equities and eBay—Culture Gets in the Way

Culture’s Pervasive Impact

Definitions and Origins of Culture



The Political Economy


Social Institutions

Elements of Culture

Cultural Values




Thought Processes

Cultural Sensitivity and Tolerance

Cultural Change

Cultural Borrowing

Similarities: An Illusion

Resistance to Change

Planned and Unplanned Cultural Change

5. Culture, Management Style, and Business Systems

Global Perspective: Do Blondes Have More Fun in Japan?

Required Adaptation

Degree of Adaptation

Imperatives, Electives, and Exclusives

The Impact of American Culture on Management Style

Management Styles around the World

Authority and Decision Making

Management Objectives and Aspirations

Communication Styles

Formality and Tempo

P-Time versus M-Time

Negotiations Emphasis

Marketing Orientation

Gender Bias in International Business

Business Ethics

Corruption Defined

The Western Focus on Bribery

Bribery: Variations on a Theme

Ethical and Socially Responsible Decisions

Culture’s Influence on Strategic Thinking

Synthesis: Relationship-Oriented vs. Information-Oriented Cultures

6. The Political Environment: A Critical Concern

Global Perspective: World Trade Goes Bananas

The Sovereignty of Nations

Stability of Government Policies

Forms of Government

Political Parties


Targeted Fear and/or Animosity

Trade Disputes

Political Risks of Global Business

Confiscation, Expropriation, and Domestication

Economic Risks

Political Sanctions

Political and Social Activists and Nongovernmental Organizations

Violence, Terrorism, and War

Cyberterrorism and Cybercrime

Assessing Political Vulnerability

Politically Sensitive Products and Issues

Forecasting Political Risk

Lessening Political Vulnerability

Joint Ventures

Expanding the Investment Base


Planned Domestication

Political Bargaining

Political Payoffs

Government Encouragement

7. The International Legal Environment: Playing by the Rules

Global Perspective: The Pajama Caper

Bases for Legal Systems

Common vs. Code Law

Islamic Law

Marxist–Socialist Tenets

Jurisdiction in International Legal Disputes

International Dispute Resolution




Protection of Intellectual Property Rights: A Special Problem

Counterfeiting and Piracy

Inadequate Protection

Prior Use versus Registration

International Conventions

Other Managerial Approaches to Protecting Intellectual Property

Cyberlaw: Unresolved Issues

Domain Names and Cybersquatters


Jurisdiction of Disputes and Validity of Contracts

Commercial Law within Countries

Marketing Laws

Green Marketing Legislation

Foreign Countries’ Antitrust Laws

U.S. Laws Apply in Host Countries

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

U.S. Antitrust Laws that Apply in Foreign Markets

Antiboycott Law

Extraterritoriality of U.S. Laws

Export Restrictions

National Security Laws

Determining Export Requirements



8. Developing a Global Vision through Marketing Research

Global Perspective: Japan—Test Market for the World

Breadth and Scope of International Marketing Research

The Research Process

Defining the Problem and Establishing Research Objectives

Problems of Availability and Use of Secondary Data

Availability of Data

Reliability of Data

Comparability of Data

Validating Secondary Data

Gathering Primary Data: Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Problems of Gathering Primary Data

Ability to Communicate Opinions

Willingness to Respond

Sampling in Field Surveys

Language and Comprehension

Multicultural Research: A Special Problem

Research on the Internet: A Growing Opportunity

Estimating Market Demand

Expert Opinion


Problems in Analyzing and Interpreting Research Information

Responsibility for Conducting Marketing Research

Communicating with Decision Makers

Appendix: Sources of Secondary Data

9. Economic Development and the Americas

Global Perspective: Desynchronosis? The World May Operate 24/7, but People Don’t

Marketing and Economic Development

Stages of Economic Development

Economic Growth Factors

Information Technology, the Internet, and Economic Development

Objectives of Developing Countries

Infrastructure and Development

Marketing’s Contributions

Marketing in a Developing Country

Level of Market Development

Demand in Developing Countries

Big Emerging Markets (BEMs)

The Americas

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

United States–Central American Free Trade Agreement–Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (DR-

Southern Cone Free Trade Area (Mercosur)

Latin American Progress

Latin American Economic Cooperation


Strategic Implications for Marketing

10. Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

Global Perspective: Might Free Trade Bring Peace to the Middle East?

La Raison d’Etre

Economic Factors

Political Factors

Geographic and Temporal Proximity

Cultural Factors

Patterns of Multinational Cooperation

Global Markets and Multinational Market Groups


European Integration

European Union

Eastern Europe and the Baltic States

The Commonwealth of Independent States


Middle East/North Africa (MENA)

Implications of Market Integration

Strategic Implications

Market Metrics

Marketing Mix Implications

11. The Asia Pacific Region

Global Perspective: Walmart, Tide, and Three-Snake Wine

Dynamic Growth in the Asia Pacific Region

The Greater China



The Four “Asian Tigers”


Bottom-of-the-Pyramid Markets (BOPMs)

Market Metrics

Asia Pacific Trade Associations

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and ASEAN+3

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

A Focus on Diversity Within China

Northeast China: Longtime Industrial Heartland


Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta

Pearl River Delta

The Other Billion

Differences in Business Negotiation Styles Within The Greater China

Marketing Opportunities in The Greater China


12. Global Marketing Management: Planning and Organization

Global Perspective: The British Sell Another Treasure

Global Marketing Management

The Nestlé Way: Evolution Not Revolution

Benefits of Global Marketing

Planning for Global Markets

Company Objectives and Resources

International Commitment

The Planning Process

Alternative Market-Entry Strategies


Contractual Agreements

Strategic International Alliances

Direct Foreign Investment

Organizing for Global Competition

Locus of Decision

Centralized versus Decentralized Organizations

13. Products and Services for Consumers

Global Perspective: China—Disney Rolls the Dice Again


Quality Defined

Maintaining Quality

Physical or Mandatory Requirements and Adaptation

Green Marketing and Product Development

Products and Culture

Innovative Products and Adaptation

Diffusion of Innovations

Production of Innovations

Analyzing Product Components for Adaptation

Core Component

Packaging Component

Support Services Component

Marketing Consumer Services Globally

Services Opportunities in Global Markets

Barriers to Entering Global Markets for Consumer Services

Brands in International Markets

Global Brands

National Brands

Country-of-Origin Effect and Global Brands

Private Brands

14. Products and Services for Businesses

Global Perspective: Intel, the Boom, and the Inescapable Bust

Demand in Global Business-to-Business (B2B) Markets

The Volatility of Industrial Demand

Stages of Economic Development

Technology and Market Demand

Quality and Global Standards

Quality Is Defined by the Buyer

ISO 9000 Certification: An International Standard of Quality

Business Services

After-Sale Services

Other Business Services

Trade Shows: A Crucial Part of Business-to-Business Marketing

Relationship Marketing in Business-to-Business Contexts

15. International Marketing Channels

Global Perspective: Central Perk in Beijing

Channel-of-Distribution Structures

Import-Oriented Distribution Structure

Japanese Distribution Structure

Trends: From Traditional to Modern Channel Structures

Distribution Patterns

Retail Patterns

Alternative Middleman Choices

Home-Country Middlemen

Foreign-Country Middlemen

Government-Affiliated Middlemen

Factors Affecting Choice of Channels


Capital Requirements





Channel Management

Locating Middlemen

Selecting Middlemen

Motivating Middlemen

Controlling Middlemen

Terminating Middlemen

The Internet


16. Integrated Marketing Communications and International Advertising

Global Perspective: Barbie Versus Mulan

Sales Promotions in International Markets

International Public Relations

International Advertising

Advertising Strategy and Goals

Product Attribute and Benefit Segmentation

Regional Segmentation

The Message: Creative Challenges

Global Advertising and the Communications Process

Legal Constraints

Linguistic Limitations

Cultural Diversity

Media Limitations

Production and Cost Limitations

Media Planning and Analysis

Tactical Considerations

Campaign Execution and Advertising Agencies

International Control of Advertising: Broader Issues

17. Personal Selling and Sales Management

Global Perspective: International Assignments Are Glamorous, Right?

Designing the Sales Force

Recruiting Marketing and Sales Personnel


Virtual Expatriates

Local Nationals

Third-Country Nationals

Host-Country Restrictions

Selecting Sales and Marketing Personnel

Training for International Marketing

Motivating Sales Personnel

Designing Compensation Systems

For Expatriates

For a Global Sales Force

Evaluating and Controlling Sales Representatives

Preparing U.S. Personnel for Foreign Assignments

Overcoming Reluctance to Accept a Foreign Assignment

Reducing the Rate of Early Returns

Successful Expatriate Repatriation

Developing Cultural Awareness

The Changing Profile of the Global Manager

Foreign-Language Skills

18. Pricing for International Markets

Global Perspective: The Price War

Pricing Policy

Pricing Objectives

Parallel Imports

Approaches to International Pricing

Full-Cost versus Variable-Cost Pricing

Skimming versus Penetration Pricing

Price Escalation

Costs of Exporting

Taxes, Tariffs, and Administrative Costs



Exchange Rate Fluctuations

Varying Currency Values

Middleman and Transportation Costs

Sample Effects of Price Escalation

Approaches to Reducing Price Escalation

Lowering Cost of Goods

Lowering Tariffs

Lowering Distribution Costs

Using Foreign Trade Zones to Lessen Price Escalation


Leasing in International Markets

Countertrade as a Pricing Tool

Problems of Countertrading

The Internet and Countertrading

Price Quotations

Administered Pricing


Government-Influenced Pricing

Getting Paid: Foreign Commercial Payments

Letters of Credit

Bills of Exchange

Cash in Advance

Open Accounts



19. Inventive Negotiations with International Customers, Partners, and Regulators

Global Perspective: A Japanese Aisatsu

The Dangers of Stereotypes

The Pervasive Impact of Culture on Negotiation Behavior

Differences in Language and Nonverbal Behaviors

Differences in Values

Differences in Thinking and Decision-Making Processes

Implications for Managers and Negotiators

Negotiation Teams

Negotiation Preliminaries

At the Negotiation Table

After Negotiations

Inventive International Negotiations



THE COUNTRY NOTEBOOK—A Guide for Developing a Marketing Plan

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Test bank for International Marketing 16th edition by Philip Cateora


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