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Test bank for American Pageant Volume 2 16th Edition by David M. Kennedy

Test bank for American Pageant Volume 2 16th Edition by David M. Kennedy

THE AMERICAN PAGEANT enjoys a reputation as one of the most popular, effective, and entertaining texts on American history. The colorful anecdotes, first-person quotations, and trademark wit bring American history to life. The 16th edition includes a major revision of Part Six (the period from 1945 to the present), reflecting recent scholarship and providing greater thematic coherence. The authors also condensed and consolidated material on the Wilson presidency and World War I (formerly Chapters 29 and 30) into a new single chapter. A new feature, “Contending Voices,” offers paired quotes from original historical sources, accompanied by questions that prompt students to think about conflicting perspectives on controversial subjects. Additional pedagogical aids make THE AMERICAN PAGEANT accessible to students: part openers and chapter-ending chronologies provide a context for the major periods in American history, while other features present additional primary sources, scholarly debates, and key historical figures for analysis. Available in the following options: THE AMERICAN PAGEANT, Sixteenth Edition (Chapters 1-41); Volume 1: To 1877 (Chapters 1-22); Volume 2: Since 1865 (Chapters 22-41).

Additional ISBNs

1305689143, 9781305689145, 9781305448513

Table of Contents

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About the Authors
Brief Contents
Ch 22: The Ordeal of Reconstruction: 1865-1877
Ch 22: Introduction
The Problems of Peace
Freedmen Define Freedom
The Freedmen’s Bureau
Johnson: The Tailor President
Presidential Reconstruction
The Baleful Black Codes
Congressional Reconstruction
Johnson Clashes with Congress
Swinging ‘Round the Circle with Johnson
Republican Principles and Programs
Reconstruction by the Sword
No Women Voters
The Realities of Radical Reconstruction in the South
The Ku Klux Klan
Johnson Walks the Impeachment Plank
A Not-Guilty Verdict for Johnson
The Purchase of Alaska
The Heritage of Reconstruction
Ch 22: Chapter Review
Part Four: Forging an Industrial Society: 1865–1909
Ch 23: Political Paralysis in the Gilded Age: 1869–1896
Ch 23: Introduction
The “Bloody Shirt” Elects Grant
The Era of Good Stealings
A Carnival of Corruption
The Liberal Republican Revolt of 1872
Depression, Deflation, and Inflation
Pallid Politics in the Gilded Age
The Hayes-Tilden Standoff, 1876
The Compromise of 1877 and the End of Reconstruction
The Birth of Jim Crow in the Post-Reconstruction South
Class Conflicts and Ethnic Clashes
Garfield and Arthur
The Blaine-Cleveland Mudslingers of 1884
“Old Grover” Takes Over
Cleveland Battles for a Lower Tariff
The Billion-Dollar Congress
The Drumbeat of Discontent
Cleveland and Depression
Cleveland Breeds a Backlash
Ch 23: Chapter Review
Ch 24: Industry Comes of Age: 1865-1900
Ch 24: Introduction
The Iron Colt Becomes an Iron Horse
Spanning the Continent with Rails
Binding the Country with Railroad Ties
Railroad Consolidation and Mechanization
Revolution by Railways
Wrongdoing in Railroading
Government Bridles the Iron Horse
Miracles of Mechanization
The Trust Titan Emerges
The Supremacy of Steel
Carnegie and Other Sultans of Steel
Rockefeller Grows an American Beauty Rose
The Gospel of Wealth
Government Tackles the Trust Evil
The South in the Age of Industry
The Impact of the New Industrial Revolution on America
In Unions There Is Strength
Labor Limps Along
Unhorsing the Knights of Labor
The AF of L to the Fore
Ch 24: Chapter Review
Ch 25: America Moves to the City: 1865–1900
Ch 25: Introduction
The Urban Frontier
The New Immigration
Parties and Social Reformers Reach Out
Narrowing the Welcome Mat
Churches Confront the Urban Challenge
Darwin Disrupts the Churches
The Lust for Learning
Booker T. Washington and Education for Black People
The Hallowed Halls of Ivy
The Appeal of the Press
Apostles of Reform
The New Morality
Families and Women in the City
Prohibiting Alcohol and Promoting Reform
Postwar Fiction, Lowbrow and High
Artistic Triumphs
The Business of Amusement
Ch 25: Chapter Review
Ch 26: The Great West and the Agricultural Revolution: 1865–1896
Ch 26: Introduction
The Clash of Cultures on the Plains
Receding Native Population
Bellowing Herds of Bison
The End of the Trail
Mining: From Dishpan to Ore Breaker
Beef Bonanzas and the Long Drive
The Farmers’ Frontier
The Far West Comes of Age
The Fading Frontier
The Farm Becomes a Factory
Deflation Dooms the Debtor
Unhappy Farmers
The Farmers Take Their Stand
Prelude to Populism
Coxey’s Army and the Pullman Strike
Golden McKinley and Silver Bryan
Class Conflict: Plowholders Versus Bondholders
Republican Stand-pattism Enthroned
Ch 26: Chapter Review
Ch 27: Empire and Expansion: 1890–1909
Ch 27: Introduction
America Turns Outward
Spurning the Hawaiian Pear
Cubans Rise in Revolt
Dewey’s May Day Victory at Manila
The Confused Invasion of Cuba
America’s Course (Curse?) of Empire
Perplexities in Puerto Rico and Cuba
New Horizons in Two Hemispheres
“Little Brown Brothers” in the Philippines
Hinging the Open Door in China
Imperialism or Bryanism in 1900?
TR: Brandisher of the Big Stick
Building the Panama Canal
TR’s Perversion of Monroe’s Doctrine
Roosevelt on the World Stage
Japanese Laborers in California
Ch 27: Chapter Review
Part Five: Struggling for Justice at Home and Abroad: 1901–1945
Ch 28: Progressivism and the Republican Roosevelt: 1901-1912
Ch 28: Introduction
Progressive Roots
Raking Muck with the Muckrakers
Political Progressivism
Progressivism in the Cities and States
Progressive Women
TR’s Square Deal for Labor
TR Corrals the Corporations
Caring for the Consumer
Earth Control
The “Roosevelt Panic” of 1907
The Rough Rider Thunders Out
Taft: A Round Peg in a Square Hole
The Dollar Goes Abroad as a Diplomat
Taft the Trustbuster
Taft Splits the Republican Party
The Taft-Roosevelt Rupture
The “Bull Moose” Campaign of 1912
Ch 28: Chapter Review
Ch 29: Wilsonian Progressivism in Peace and War: 1913–1920
Ch 29: Introduction
Wilson: The Idealist in Politics
Wilson Tackles the Tariff
Wilson Battles the Bankers
The President Tames the Trusts
Wilson at the Peak
New Directions in Foreign Policy
Moralistic Diplomacy in Mexico
Thunder Across the Sea
America Earns Blood Money
Wilson Wins Reelection in 1916
War by Act of Germany
Wilsonian Idealism Enthroned
Wilson’s Fourteen Potent Points
Manipulating Minds and Stifling Dissent
Forging a War Economy
Workers in Wartime
Suffering Until Suffrage
Making Plowboys into Doughboys
America Helps Hammer the Hun
Wilson Steps Down from Olympus
An Idealist amid the Imperialists
Wilson’s Battle for Ratification
The “Solemn Referendum” of 1920
The Betrayal of Great Expectations
Ch 29: Chapter Review
Ch 30: American Life in the “Roaring Twenties”: 1920–1929
Ch 30: Introduction
Seeing Red
Hooded Hoodlums of the KKK
Stemming the Foreign Flood
The Prohibition “Experiment”
The Golden Age of Gangsterism
Monkey Business in Tennessee
The Mass-Consumption Economy
Putting America on Rubber Tires
The Advent of the Gasoline Age
Humans Develop Wings
The Radio Revolution
Hollywood’s Filmland Fantasies
The Dynamic Decade
Cultural Liberation
Wall Street’s Big Bull Market
Ch 30: Chapter Review
Ch 31: The Politics of Boom and Bust: 1920–1932
Ch 31: Introduction
The Republican “Old Guard” Returns
GOP Reaction at the Throttle
The Aftermath of War
America Seeks Benefits Without Burdens
Hiking the Tariff Higher
The Stench of Scandal
“Silent Cal” Coolidge
Frustrated Farmers
A Three-Way Race for the White House in 1924Self-satisfied Republicans
Foreign-Policy Flounderings
Unraveling the Debt Knot
The Triumph of Herbert Hoover, 1928
President Hoover’s First Moves
The Great Crash Ends the Golden Twenties
Hooked on the Horn of Plenty
Rugged Times for Rugged Individualists
Hoover Battles the Great Depression
Routing the Bonus Army in Washington
Japanese Militarists Attack China
Hoover Pioneers the Good Neighbor Policy
Ch 31: Chapter Review
Ch 32: The Great Depression and the New Deal: 1933–1939
Ch 32: Introduction
FDR: Politician in a Wheelchair
Presidential Hopefuls of 1932
Hoover’s Humiliation in 1932
FDR and the Three Rs: Relief, Recovery, Reform
Roosevelt Manages the Money
Creating Jobs for the Jobless
A Day for Every Demagogue
New Visibility for Women
Helping Industry and Labor
Paying Farmers Not to Farm
Dust Bowls and Black Blizzards
Battling Bankers and Big Business
The TVA Harnesses the Tennessee
Housing and Social Security
A New Deal for Labor
Landon Challenges “the Champ”
Nine Old Men on the Bench
The Court Changes Course
Twilight of the New Deal
New Deal or Raw Deal?
FDR’s Balance Sheet
Ch 32: Chapter Review
Ch 33: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Shadow of War: 1933–1941
Ch 33: Introduction
The London Conference
Freedom for (from?) the Filipinos and Recognition for the Russians
Becoming a Good Neighbor
Secretary Hull’s Reciprocal Trade Agreements
Storm-Cellar Isolationism
Congress Legislates Neutrality
America Dooms Loyalist Spain
Appeasing Japan and Germany
Hitler’s Belligerency and U.S. Neutrality
The Fall of France
Refugees from the Holocaust
Bolstering Britain
Shattering the Two-Term Tradition
A Landmark Lend-Lease Law
Charting a New World
U.S. Destroyers and Hitler’s U-boats Clash
Surprise Assault on Pearl Harbor
America’s Transformation from Bystander to Belligerent
Ch 33: Chapter Review
Ch 34: America in World War II: 1941–1945
Ch 34: Introduction
The Allies Trade Space for Time
The Shock of War
Building the War Machine
Manpower and Womanpower
Wartime Migrations
Holding the Home Front
The Rising Sun in the Pacific
Japan’s High Tide at Midway
American Leapfrogging Toward Tokyo
The Allied Halting of Hitler
A Second Front from North Africa to Rome
D-Day: June 6, 1944
FDR: The Fourth-Termite of 1944
Roosevelt Defeats Dewey
The Last Days of Hitler
Japan Dies Hard
The Atomic Bombs
The Allies Triumphant
Ch 34: Chapter Review
Part Six: Making Modern America: 1945 to the Present
Ch 35: The Cold War Begins: 1945–1952
Ch 35: Introduction
Truman: The “Gutty” Man from Missouri
Yalta: Bargain or Betrayal?
The United States and the Soviet Union
Shaping the Postwar World
The Problem of Germany
Cold War Deepens
America Begins to Rearm
Reconstruction and Revolution in Asia
The Korean Volcano Erupts
The Military Seesaw in Korea
The Cold War Home Front
Postwar Economic Anxieties
Democratic Divisions in 1948
The Long Economic Boom, 1950–1970
The Roots of Postwar Prosperity
The Smiling Sunbelt
The Rush to the Suburbs
The Postwar Baby Boom
Ch 35: Chapter Review
Ch 36: American Zenith: 1952–1963
Ch 36: Introduction
Affluence and Its Anxieties
Consumer Culture in the Fifties
The Advent of Eisenhower
Desegregating American Society
Seeds of the Civil Rights Revolution
Eisenhower Republicanism at Home
A “New Look” in Foreign Policy
The Vietnam Nightmare
Cold War Crises in the Middle East
Round Two for Ike
The Continuing Cold War
Kennedy Challenges Nixon for the Presidency
A Cultural Renaissance
New Cultural Voices
Kennedy’s “New Frontier” Spirit
Foreign Flare-ups and “Flexible Response”
Cuban Confrontations
The Struggle for Civil Rights
The Killing of Kennedy
Ch 36: Chapter Review
Ch 37: The Stormy Sixties: 1963–1973
Ch 37: Introduction
The LBJ Brand on the Presidency
Johnson Battles Goldwater in 1964
The Great Society Congress
Battling for Black Rights
Black Power
Vietnam Vexations
Vietnam Topples Johnson
The Presidential Sweepstakes of 1968
The Cultural Upheaval of the 1960s
Nixon “Vietnamizes” the War
Cambodianizing the Vietnam War
Nixon’s Détente with Beijing (Peking) and Moscow
A New Team on the Supreme Bench
Nixon on the Home Front
The Nixon Landslide of 1972
The Secret Bombing of Cambodia and the War Powers Act
The Arab Oil Embargo and the Energy Crisis
Ch 37: Chapter Review
Ch 38: Challenges to the Postwar Order: 1973–1980
Ch 38: Introduction
Watergate and the Unmaking of a President
Sources of Stagnation
The First Unelected President
Defeat in Vietnam
Feminist Victories and Defeats
The Seventies in Black and White
The Bicentennial Campaign
Carter’s Humanitarian Diplomacy
Economic and Energy Woes
The Turn Toward the Market
Foreign Affairs and the Iranian Imbroglio
Ch 38: Chapter Review
Ch 39: The Resurgence of Conservatism: 1980–1992
Ch 39: Introduction
The Election of Ronald Reagan, 1980
The Reagan Revolution
The Battle of the Budget
Reagan Renews the Cold War
Troubles Abroad
Round Two for Reagan
The Iran-Contra Imbroglio
Reagan’s Economic Legacy
The Religious Right
Conservatism in the Courts
Referendum on Reaganism in 1988
George H. W. Bush and the End of the Cold War
The Persian Gulf Crisis
Bush on the Home Front
Ch 39: Chapter Review
Ch 40: America Confronts the Post–Cold War Era: 1992–2000
Ch 40: Introduction
Bill Clinton: The First Baby-Boomer President
A False Start for Reform
The Politics of Distrust
Clinton Comes Back
Racial Progress and Perils
Globalization and Its Discontents
The Feminist Revolution
Searching for a Post–Cold War Foreign Policy
Scandal and Impeachment
Clinton’s Legacy and the 2000 Election
E Pluribus Plures
The Postmodern Mind
Niche Nation
Ch 40: Chapter Review
Ch 41: The American People Face a New Century: 2001–2014
Ch 41: Introduction
Bush Begins
Terrorism Comes to America
Bush Takes the Offensive Against Iraq
Owning Iraq
Reelecting George W. Bush
Bush’s Bruising Second Term
The Presidential Election of 2008
Obama in the White House
Back to Backlash
New Directions in Foreign Policy
The Politics of Inequality
Battling for the White House in 2012
Second-Term Stalemate
Citizenship and Civil Rights
Gridlock Grinds On
The American Prospect
Ch 41: Chapter Review
Glossary of Key Terms
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Test bank for American Pageant Volume 2 16th Edition by David M. Kennedy


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