Solution Manual For Small Business Management Launching and Growing 6th Canadian Edition Longenecker


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Solution Manual For Small Business Management Launching and Growing 6th Canadian Edition Longenecker $55.00
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Solution Manual For Small Business Management Launching and Growing 6th Canadian Edition Longenecker

Solution Manual For Small Business Management Launching and Growing 6th Canadian Edition Longenecker

Help your students realize their dreams of small business success with Small Business Management: Launching and Growing New Ventures, Sixth Canadian Edition. This text incorporates current theory and practice relating to starting, managing, and growing small firms. With well-balanced coverage of critical small business issues, innovative tools, engaging examples, and integrated resource package, Small Business Management provides instructors with the necessary tools to support the varied goals of those seeking independent business careers. Students appreciate the text’s clear and concise writing style that makes business concepts understandable, and the real-world examples and hands-on activities that help them understand how to apply those concepts. The sixth Canadian edition is available with MindTap, a powerful online platform that provides a clear learning path that gets students thinking like entrepreneurs.

Additional ISBNs

0176666087, 9780176666088, 9780176683757

Table of Content

Half Title
Brief Contents
About the Authors
Part 1: Entrepreneurial Opportunity
Ch 1: Entrepreneurs
Ch 1: Looking Ahead
Ch 1: In the Spot Light
Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Definition of Small Business
The Motivators of Entrepreneurship
The Drawbacks of Entrepreneurship
The Many Varieties of Entrepreneurship
The Changing Face of Entrepreneurship
Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
Ch 1: Looking Back
Ch 1: Key Terms
Ch 2: Start-Up and the Need for Competitive Advantage
Ch 2: Looking Ahead
Ch 2: In the Spot Light
The Start-Up: Creating a New Business
Finding Start-Up Ideas
Using Internal and External Analysis to Identify and Assess New Business Ideas
Selecting Strategies to Gain Competitive Advantage
Sustaining Competitive Advantage
Market Segmentation and Its Variables
Niche Marketing
Ch 2: Looking Back
Ch 2: Key Terms
Ch 3: Family Enterprise
Ch 3: Looking Ahead
Ch 3: In the Spot Light
The Family Business: A Unique Institution
Family and Business Overlap
Family Business Momentum
Family Roles and Relationships
The Need for Good Management in the Family Firm
The Process of Leadership Succession
Ch 3: Looking Back
Ch 3: Key Terms
Ch 4: Franchising and Buyouts
Ch 4: Looking Ahead
Ch 4: In the Spot Light
Understanding the Franchise Concept
The Pros and Cons of Franchising
Evaluating Franchise Opportunities
Selling a Franchise
Legal Issues in Franchising
Buying an Existing Business
Buying Assets
Quantitative Factors in Valuing the Business
Ch 4: Looking Back
Ch 4: Key Terms
Part 2: Planning and Marketing New Ventures
Ch 5: Developing an Effective Business Plan
Ch 5: Looking Ahead
Ch 5: In the Spot Light
An Overview of the Business Plan
The Need for a Business Plan
How Much Business Plan Is Needed?
Preparing a Business Plan
Advice for Writing a Business Plan
Resources for Business Plan Preparation
Ch 5: Looking Back
Ch 5: Key Terms
Ch 6: Small Business Marketing, Product, and Pricing Strategies
Ch 6: Looking Ahead
Ch 6: In the Spot Light
What Is Small Business Marketing?
Estimating Market Potential
The Formal Marketing Plan
Marketing’s “4 Ps”
Developing Product Strategy
Product Marketing versus Service Marketing
Building the Total Product Offering
Creating a Pricing Strategy
Applying a Pricing System
Selecting a Pricing Strategy
Ch 6: Looking Back
Ch 6: Key Terms
Ch 7: Distribution and Promotional Strategies
Ch 7: Looking Ahead
Ch 7: In the Spot Light
The Role of Distribution Activities in Marketing
Structuring a Distribution System
The Communication Process in Promotion
Advertising Practices for Small Firms
Sales Promotion for Small Firms
Personal Selling in Small Firms
Promotional Spending
Ch 7: Looking Back
Ch 7: Key Terms
Ch 8: Global Marketing
Ch 8: Looking Ahead
Ch 8: In the Spot Light
Small Businesses as Global Enterprises
Global Challenges
Initial Preparations for Global Marketing
Sources of Trade and Financing Assistance
Ch 8: Looking Back
Ch 8: Key Terms
Part 3: Managing New Venture Operations
Ch 9: The New Venture Team, Small Firm Management, and Managing Human Resources
Ch 9: Looking Ahead
Ch 9: In the Spot Light
Leading and Motivating
Characteristics of a New Venture Team
Distinctive Features of Small Firm Management
The Nature of Managerial Work
Recruiting Personnel
Evaluating Prospects and Selecting Employees
Training and Development
Compensation and Incentives for Small Business Employees
Special Issues in Human Resources Management
Ch 9: Looking Back
Ch 9: Key Terms
Ch 10: Form of Organization and Legal Issues
Ch 10: Looking Ahead
Ch 10: In the Spot Light
Forms of Legal Organization
Choosing an Organizational Form
The Board of Directors
Federal Income Taxes and the Form of Organization
Laws, Regulation, and Legal Agreements
Negotiable Instruments
Ch 10: Looking Back
Ch 10: Key Terms
Ch 11: Selecting a Location and Planning the Facilities
Ch 11: Looking Ahead
Ch 11: In the Spot Light
Locating the Bricks-and-Mortar Start-Up
Negotiating a Lease
Designing and Equipping the Physical Facilities
Challenges in Equipping the Physical Facilities
Locating the Start-Up in the Entrepreneur’s Home
E-Commerce: Locating a Start-Up on the Web
Ch 11: Looking Back
Ch 11: Key Terms
Ch 12: Operations Management and Control Systems
Ch 12: Looking Ahead
Ch 12: In the Spot Light
The Operations Process
Inventory Management and Operations
Operations Management and Quality
Purchasing Policies and Practices
Competitive Strength through Improved Productivity
Ch 12: Looking Back
Ch 12: Key Terms
Ch 13: Understanding Financial Statements and Forecasting
Ch 13: Looking Ahead
Ch 13: In the Spot Light
The Importance and Role of Financial Management
The Income Statement
The Balance Sheet
The Cash Flow Statement
Evaluating a Firm’s Financial Performance
Forecasting Profitability
Forecasting Asset and Financing Requirements
Forecasting Cash Flows
Basic Requirements for Accounting Systems
Ch 13: Looking Back
Ch 13: Key Terms
Ch 14: Sources of Financing
Ch 14: Looking Ahead
Ch 14: In the Spot Light
Firm Characteristics and Sources of Financing
Debt or Equity Financing
Sources of Early Financing
Bank Financing
Business Suppliers and Asset-Based Lenders
Private Equity Investors
Government Programs and Agencies
Other Sources of Financing
Ch 14: Looking Back
Ch 14: Key Terms
Ch 15: Managing Growing Firms and Exit Strategies
Ch 15: Looking Ahead
Ch 15: In the Spot Light
Managing for Growth
Outside Management Assistance
The Importance of the Harvest
Succession Planning
Serial Entrepreneurs
Methods of Harvesting
Life after the Harvest
Ch 15: Looking Back
Ch 15: Key Terms
Appendix A: Sample Business Plan
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Solution Manual For Small Business Management Launching and Growing 6th Canadian Edition Longenecker