Solution Manual For Cost Management Measuring Monitoring and Motivating Performance 2nd Canadian Edition by Leslie G. Eldenburg



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Solution Manual For Cost Management Measuring Monitoring and Motivating Performance 2nd Canadian Edition by Leslie G. Eldenburg

Solution Manual For Cost Management Measuring Monitoring and Motivating Performance 2nd Canadian Edition by Leslie G. Eldenburg

Cost Management Measuring, Monitoring, and Motivating Performance, Second Canadian Edition was written to help students learn to appropriately apply cost accounting methods in a variety of organizational settings. To achieve this goal, students must also develop professional competencies , such as strategic/critical thinking, risk analysis, decision making, ethical reasoning and communication. Most textbooks focus on content knowledge and then expect students to ‘magically’ demonstrate professional competencies. Cost Management better prepares students for professional success by bridging the gaps between Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. Many students fail to recognize the assumptions, limitations, behavioural implications and qualitative factors that influence managerial decision making. The textbook is written in an engaging step-by-step style that is accessible to students. The authors are proactive about addressing the challenges that instructors and students face in their teaching and learning endeavors by utilizing features such as realistic examples, real ethical dilemmas, self-study problems and unique problem material structured to encourage students to think about accounting problems and problem-solving more complexly.

Table of Content

About the Authors
Chapter 1: The Role of Accounting Information in Ethical Management Decision Making
RIM Tries to Take Bite Out of Apple’s Tablet Share
Strategic Management and Decision Making
Levers of Control
Cost Accounting and Decision Making
Information Systems and Relevant Information in Management Decision Making
Business Risk
Decision-Making Biases
Quality of Management Decision Making
Ethical Decision Making
Appendix 1A Professional Conduct and Ethical Behaviour
Appendix 1B Steps for Better Thinking: A Decision-Making Process
Chapter 2: Cost Concepts, Behaviour, and Estimation
Flying Low During an Economic Downturn
Cost Concepts and Terminology
Cost Behaviour
Cost Estimation Techniques
Estimating the Cost Function
Regression Analysis
Uses and Limitations of Cost Estimates
Appendix 2A Regression Analysis—Additional Topics
Multiple Regression Analysis
Regression Analysis Assumptions
Additional Regression Analysis Considerations
Appendix 2B Learning Curves
Chapter 3: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Rising Commodity Prices Hurt Tim Hortons
Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Performing CVP Analysis
Performing CVP Analyses with a Spreadsheet
Assumptions and Limitations of Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Margin of Safety and Degree of Operating Leverage
Analysis of Income Statement Formats
Appendix 3A Spreadsheet Formulas for Magik Bicycles Spreadsheet
Chapter 4: Relevant Information for Decision Making
Should it Stay or Should it Go?
Relevant Information for Decision Making
Product Line and Business Segment (Keep or Drop) Decisions
Insource or Outsource (Make or Buy) Decisions
Special Orders
Product Emphasis Decisions
Methods for Relaxing Constraints
Quality of Operating Decisions
Appendix 4A Using Excel Solver for Product Emphasis and Constrained Resource Decisions
Chapter 5: Job Costing
Bombardier: Custom Manufacturing
Product Costs and Cost Flows
Assigning Product Costs to Individual Goods or Services
Allocating Overhead
Uses and Limitation of Job Cost Information
Spoilage, Rework, and Scrap in Job Costing
Production Quality and Behaviour Implications
Chapter 6: Process Costing
Fruit d’Or—Growing Business Through Innovation
Accounting for the Cost of Mass-Produced Goods
Process Costing Methods
Alternative Systems for Costing Mass Production
Accounting for Spoilage in Process Costing
Process Cost Information and Managers’ Incentives and Decisions
Chapter 7: Activity-Based Costing and Management
Sun Life Assurance: Costing Group Claims Activities
Activity-Based Costing (ABC)
ABC Cost Hierarchy
Assigning Costs Using an ABC System
Activity-Based Management
Other Multi-Pool, Multi-Driver Cost Accounting Systems
Multi-Pool, Multi-Driver Systems, Decision Making, and Incentives
Chapter 8: Measuring and Assigning Support Department Costs
The Indirect Costs Program Helps Canada’s Universities and Colleges
Support Department Cost Allocation
The Process for Allocating Support Department Costs
The Direct Method of Allocation
The Step-Down Method of Allocation
The Reciprocal Method of Allocation
Single- Versus Dual-Rate Allocations
Support Cost Allocations, Information Quality, and Decision Making
Appendix 8A Using Solver to Calculate Simultaneous Equations for the Reciprocal Method
Chapter 9: Joint Product and By-product Costing
Creating a Diversion: City of Hamilton Rethinks its Waste
Joint Products and Costs
Allocating Joint Costs
Choosing an Appropriate Joint Cost Allocation Method
Processing a Joint Product Beyond the Split-off Point
Joint Products and By-products
Joint Product Costing with a Sales Mix
Uses and Limitations of Joint Cost Information
Chapter 10: Static and Flexible Budgets
Dupont: Back to Basics
Master Budgets
Developing a Cash Budget
Flexible Budgets
Budgets as Performance Benchmarks
Budgets, Incentives, and Rewards
Beyond Traditional Budgeting
Chapter 11: Standard Costs and Variance Analysis
Medication Shortages: Labour Time Demands
Variance Analysis and the Strategic Management Process
Standard Costs
Direct Cost Variances
Analyzing Direct Cost Variance Information
Overhead Variances
Analyzing Overhead Variance Information
Cost Variance Adjustments
Appendix 11A Profit-Related Variances
Chapter 12: Strategic Investment Decisions
Solarshare: Toronto Solar Project Stymied
Strategic Investment Decisions
Discounted Cash Flow Methods
Uncertainties and Sensitivity Analysis
Non-discounted Cash Flow Methods
Other Considerations for Strategic Investment Decisions
Appendix 12A Income Taxes and the Net Present Value Method
Other Related Issues in an NPV Analysis
Appendix 12B Present and Future Value Tables
Chapter 13: Pricing Decisions
Video Game Consoles: The Big 3 Battle It Out for Top Spot
Pricing Methods
Price Elasticity
Additional Pricing Considerations
Transfer Price Policies
Additional Transfer Price Considerations
Chapter 14: Strategic Management of Costs
Value Chain Success at the Little Potato Company
Strategic Cost Analysis
Continuous Cost Improvement
Kaizen Costing
Life Cycle Costing
Lean Accounting
Chapter 15: Measuring and Assigning Costs for Income Statements
Inventory Management: Scarcity or Abundance?
Absorption Costing and Variable Costing
Absorption Costing Using Normal Costing
Throughput Costing
Chapter 16: Performance Evaluation and Compensation
Great Little Box Company: Using Teams to Succeed
Decision-Making Authority and Responsibility
Responsibility Accounting
Investment Centre Performance Evaluation
Motivating Performance with Compensation
Chapter 17: Strategic Performance Measurement
Triple 4 Advertising Ltd: Low Cost for Independent Grocers
Strategic Management and Decision Making
Measuring Organizational Performance
Balanced Scorecard
Implementing the Balanced Scorecard
Balanced Scorecard, Strategic Management, and Incentives
Appendix 17A An Example of Implementing the Balanced Scorecard: Community Hospital
Clarifying Vision, Core Competencies, and Strategies
Analyzing Perspectives, Developing Strategic Objectives, and Creating a Strategy Map
Communicating, Linking Throughout the Organization, and Refining
Establishing Performance Targets and Action Plans
Completing the Balanced Scorecard Implementation Process
Chapter 18: Sustainability Accounting
The Peak of Social and Environmental Reporting at Mountain Equipment Co-op
Sustainable Management
Sustainability Accounting and Reporting
Sustainability Management Accounting Tools
Names and Organizations Index
Subject Index
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Solution Manual For Cost Management Measuring Monitoring and Motivating Performance 2nd Canadian Edition by Leslie G. Eldenburg