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Solution Manual For Contemporary Strategy Analysis Text and Cases 8th Edition by Robert M. Grant
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Solution Manual For Contemporary Strategy Analysis Text and Cases 8th Edition by Robert M. Grant

Solution Manual For Contemporary Strategy Analysis Text and Cases 8th Edition by Robert M. Grant

“In the strategic management textbook jungle, Contemporary Strategy Analysis stands up by its clarity and completeness. Its fluid style and vivid case examples will help students at all levels to easily grasp even the most complex issues.” Olivier Furrer, Nijmegen School of Management, The Netherlands “I read a few strategy books but put them all down after I bought this one. This is a clearly written, well-crafted book that eloquently combines theory with real-world examples in an easy-to-understand and compelling way.” Amazon student review of the 7th edition Robert M. Grant combines a highly accessible writing style with a concentration on the fundamentals of value creation and an emphasis on practicality. In this eighth edition, he includes an even greater focus on strategy implementation that reflects the needs of firms to reconcile scale economies with entrepreneurial flexibility, innovation with cost efficiency, and globalization with local responsiveness.&  The latest edition also incorporates some of the key strategic challenges of today including post-financial crisis adjustment; the continuing rise of China, India, and Brazil; and the increased emphasis on ethics and sustainability.&  Additional coverage is provided on the strategy adopted by not-for-profit organizations. This text and cases combined volume include over twenty full-length cases all written by Robert Grant, enabling students to apply concepts and techniques of strategic analysis to real-life situations. The cases, which have been completely updated, include several entirely new to this edition. Contemporary Strategy Analysis, Eighth Edition, is suitable for both MBA and advanced undergraduate students. The textbook has been adopted by leading business schools all across the world. Visit to access your free interactive ebook, including case and author video clips, quizzes, and glossary flashcards. Resources for instructors include an instructor s manual, case teaching notes, test bank, teaching slides, case video clips, and extra cases.

Table of Contents

Front Matter
Case 1 Madonna: Sustaining Success in a Fast-moving Business
Madonna on Top
Sex, Religion, and Self-Promotion
Creating and Projecting Image
Madonna as Mogul
Case 2 Starbucks Corporation, April 2012
TABLE 1 Starbucks Corporation: Financial and operating performance, 2005–2011
FIGURE 1 Starbucks’ share price ($), May 2004–May 2012
The Starbucks Story
Starbucks’ Strategy
Reformulating the Strategy, 2008–2012
Getting Starbucks Back on Track
Return to Growth
New Products and Alternative Distribution Channels
FIGURE 2 Starbucks’ “Blueprint for Profitable Growth”
International Expansion
“Blueprint for Profitable Growth”
The Market for Coffee
TABLE 2 The world’s leading coffee importing countries, 2006
TABLE 3 Leading chains of coffee shops in the US, 2011
Looking Ahead
TABLE 4 Starbucks Corporation: Results for three quarters ending July 1, 2012
Appendix: Extracts from Starbucks Corporation 10-K Report for Fiscal Year 2011
The Business
Company-operated Stores
A summary of total company-operated store data for the periods indicated
Retail sales mix by product type for company-operated stores
Licensed Stores
Starbucks total licensed stores by region and country as of October 2, 2011
Consumer Packaged Goods
Product Supply
Global Responsibility
Operating Segments
United States
Global Consumer Products Group
Case 3 Valuing Facebook
Valuation Methodologies
Valuations Based on Comparables
FIGURE 1 Facebook’s quarterly revenues and growth rate of revenues
TABLE 1 Facebook and its peers: Earnings per share
TABLE 2 Facebook and its peers: Cash and cash flow per share
DCF Valuation
TABLE 3 Estimating Facebook’s DCF value
What Will Determine Facebook’s Future Profits?
Facebook and the Social Networking Business
Facebook’s Advertising Pull
EXHIBIT 1 Facebook: An Overview
Case 4 The US Airline Industry in 2012
FIGURE 1 Return on capital and cost of capital for the world airline industry, 1993–2010
TABLE 1 Revenues, profits, and employment of the five largest US airlines
From Regulation to Competition
The Airlines under Regulation (Pre-1978)
The Impact of Deregulation
FIGURE 2 Profitability of the US airline industry, 1978–2008
FIGURE 3 Load factor in the US airline industry, 1978–2007
FIGURE 4 Average fares in the US airline industry, 1995–2011
Firm Strategy and Industry Evolution
Route Strategies: The Hub-and-Spoke System
TABLE 2 Local market share of largest airline for selected US cities (by passenger numbers), 2011
TABLE 3 Concentration in the US airline industry
FIGURE 5 Mergers and acquisitions among major US passenger airlines, 1981–2012
Prices and Costs
The Quest for Differentiation
The Industry in 2012
The Airlines
TABLE 4 The US airline companies in 2011a
Market for Air Travel
TABLE 5 Operating costs in the US airline industry, 2006 and 2008
Airline Cost Conditions
Airport Facilities
Cost Differences between Airlines
TABLE 6 Operating data for the larger airlines, 2006, 2008, and 2011
Entry and Exit
Looking to the Future
Case 5 Ford and the World Automobile Industry in 2012
Development of the World Automobile Industry3
The Growth of Demand and Production
FIGURE 1 US motor vehicle production, 1900–2011
TABLE 1 World motor vehicle production by countries and regions (% of world total)a
FIGURE 2 Median age of passenger cars in the US
FIGURE 3 World motor vehicle production (cars and trucks), 1985–2011
TABLE 2 Leading automobile-producing countries (thousands of cars; excludes trucks)
The Evolution of the Automobile
Changes in Manufacturing Technology
New Product Development
The World Auto Industry in 2012
The Manufacturers
TABLE 3 The world’s leading auto producers (thousands of units)a
TABLE 4 Mergers and acquisitions among automobile manufacturers, 1986–2011
Outsourcing and the Role of Suppliers
TABLE 5 Revenues and profitability of the biggest automotive component suppliers
The Quest for Cost Reduction
Excess Capacity
TABLE 6 Automobile production capacity utilization
TABLE 7 Hourly compensation for motor vehicle workers (US$/hour, including benefits)
TABLE 8 Automobile market shares in individual countries (%)
Outlook for the Future
Appendix: Company Sales and Profitability, 1980–2011
COMPANY SALES ($billion)
Case 6 Wal-Mart Stores Inc., June 2012
History of Wal-Mart
Different Store Formats
International Expansion
TABLE 1 Wal-Mart stores by country, January 2012
Sam Walton
Wal-Mart in 2012
The Business
TABLE 2 Wal-Mart: Performance by segment (year ending January 31)
TABLE 3 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.: Financial summary 1998–2012 (year ended January 31)
TABLE 4 Wal-Mart and its competitors: Performance comparisons ($billions except where noted)
Wal-Mart Stores’ Operations and Activities
Purchasing and Vendor Relationships
Warehousing and Distribution
In-Store Operations
Information Technology
Human Resource Management
Organization and Management Style
Case 7 Harley-Davidson, Inc., May 2012
FIGURE 1 Annual shipments of motorcycles by Harley-Davidson
The History of Harley-Davidson
From Birth to Maturity, 1903–1981
Rebirth, 1981–2008
The Heavyweight Motorcycle Market
TABLE 1 Retail sales of heavyweight motorcycles (651 + cc), 2003–2011 (thousands of units)
TABLE 2 Market shares in heavyweight motorcycles (651 + cc), 2005–2007 (%)
Harley-Davidson in 2012
The Brand
Customers and Customer Relations
The Products
The Buell Exit
TABLE 3 Harley-Davidson shipments 2001–2011 (thousands of units)
Other Products
TABLE 4 Harley-Davidson’s non-motorcycle sales, 2003–2011 ($ million)
International Expansion
TABLE 5 Harley-Davidson’s dealership network
TABLE 6 Harley-Davidson’s main facilities, 2011
People and Management
FIGURE 2 Cruiser motorcycles
TABLE 7 Price comparison of V-twin, cruiser motorcycles, 2009
Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrow
Appendix 1: Selected Items from Harley-Davidson Financial Statements, 2003–2011 ($million)
Appendix 2: Comparative Financial Data for Honda, Yamaha, and Harley-Davidson ($million, unless otherwise indicated)
Case 8 Manchester United: Preparing for Life without Ferguson
The Competitive Environment
The English League
TABLE 1 The top-performing clubs in English football, 1990–2012
The European League
TABLE 2 The top 25 European football clubs, 2000–2012
The Players
TABLE 3 The world’s top-performing footballers, April 2012
TABLE 4 Biggest player transfer fees in European football (to April 2012)
Football Finances
TABLE 5 Financial data from the leading European football clubs, 2010–2011
Sources of Finance
TABLE 6 Financial results for the top six English football clubs, 2011
Teams and Team Building
TABLE 7 Investment in players by leading European football clubs
TABLE 8 The world’s top football coaches, 2011
Management and Organization
Manchester United: The Club and the Company
The Ferguson Era
Ownership and Structure
FIGURE 1 Manchester United’s governance structure
Ferguson’s Management Style
Commercial and Financial Performance
Looking to the Future
Appendix 1: Manchester United: Selected Financial Data, 2000–2011 (£million)
Appendix 2: Manchester United: Extracts from Offer Prospectus
Our Competitive Strengths
Our Strategy
Case 9 AirAsia: The World’s Lowest-cost Airline
FIGURE 1 Costs in US cents per available seat kilometer for different low-cost airlines
The History of AirAsia
AirAsia’s Strategy and Culture
Culture and Management Style
AirAsia’s Operations
AirAsia: Cost Information
TABLE 1 Comparing operational and financial performance between AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines
Going Long-haul
TABLE 2 Comparing AirAsia and AirAsia X
Kuala Lumpur to London: Price and Cost Comparisons
TABLE 3 Fare comparisons: AirAsia and its competitors between Kuala Lumpur and London
TABLE 4 Flight operating cost comparison: Kuala Lumpur to London (in US$)
TABLE 5 Difference between airlines in load factors (%)
The Outlook for Long-haul
Case 10 Eastman Kodak’s Quest for a Digital Future
Kodak’s History, 1901–1993
Early Moves into Electronics
Committing to a Digital Future
Kodak’s Digital Strategy
FIGURE 1 Eastman Kodak’s “Fundamental Challenges”
An Incremental Approach
The Consumer Market: Emphasizing Simplicity and Ease of Use
FIGURE 2 Kodak’s EasyShare Network: “Your Pictures—Anytime, Anywhere”
FIGURE 3 Kodak’s technological position within the digital imaging chain
Professional, Commercial, and Healthcare Markets
Hiring, Alliances, and Acquisitions
TABLE 1 Eastman Kodak’s senior management team, April 2012
TABLE 2 Kodak’s major acquisitions, 1994–2011
Emphasis on Printed Images
Harvesting the Traditional Photography Business
Eastman Kodak in 2012
EXHIBIT 1 Eastman Kodak’s business segments
Kodak’s Resources and Capabilities
TABLE 3 Kodak’s technical capabilities
TABLE 4 Eastman Kodak: Selected financial data, 2006–2011 ($million)
TABLE 5 Eastman Kodak: Results by business segments, 2007-2011 ($million)
EXHIBIT 2 Fujifilm Holdings Corporation
Case 11 Raisio Group and the Benecol Launch [A]
History of Raisio
Raisio in 1997
FIGURE 1 Raisio’s share price (unrestricted shares, Helsinki Stock Exchange)
TABLE 1 Raisio’s financial performance, 1987–1996
EXHIBIT 1 Sterols and stanols
The Benecol Launch
EXHIBIT 2 Country Regulations Relating to “Functional Foods”
The Emerging Strategy
Appendix Raisio’s Principal Patents Relating to Stanol Ester
US Patent No. 5,502,045 “Use of a Stanol Fatty Acid Ester for Reducing Serum Cholesterol Level”
Extract from “Description” Section
US Patent No. 5,958,913 “Substance for Lowering High Cholesterol Level in Serum and Methods for Preparing and Using the Same”
Brief Description of the Invention
Case 12 Video Game Console Industry in 2012: The Next Round
History of the Video Game Industry, 1972–2012
TABLE 1 Worldwide unit sales of video game consoles by product generation
The First and Second Generations, 1972–1985: The Atari Era
The Third Generation, 1985–1990: The Nintendo Era
The Fourth Generation, 1991–1995: Sega vs. Nintendo
The Fifth Generation, 1995–1998: Sony PlayStation
The Sixth Generation, 1999–2005: Sony vs. Microsoft
The Seventh Generation, 2006–2012: Nintendo’s Renaissance
Microsoft Xbox 360
Sony PS3
Nintendo Wii
The Video Games Industry in 2012
The Market for Video Games
FIGURE 1 US consumer expenditure on video games and consoles, 1990–2011 ($billion)
TABLE 2 Leading publishers of video games, 2011
TABLE 3 Top-12 console games in the US (units sold January–October 2011)
The Console Makers
Looking to the Future
Appendix Financial Data for the Leading Console Makers
Case 13 The DVD War of 2005–2008: Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD
The Technology
Battle Commences
Tipping Point
Costs and Benefits
Case 14 New York Times: Seeking Salvation within a Declining Industry
TABLE 1 New York Times Company, Inc.: Selected financial data ($million, except where indicated)
FIGURE 1 New York Times Company share price ($), 2007–2012
The New York Times Company in 2012
The Business
TABLE 2 New York Times Company: Segment results ($million)
TABLE 3 Average daily circulation of New York Times Company newspapers (thousands of copies)
TABLE 4 New York Times Company: Principal revenue and cost components ($million)
Cost Cutting
The US Newspaper Industry
FIGURE 2 Ad revenue drops while circulation revenue remains stable
FIGURE 3 Print advertising revenue falls, online grows
In Search of Online Business Model
Looking to the Future
Case 15 Eni SpA: The Corporate Strategy of an International Energy Major
The History of Eni
Mattei and the Creation of Eni, 1926–19621
Eni under State Control, 1962–19925
FIGURE 1 The Development of Eni, 1985–2011
The Bernabè Era: Privatization and Transformation, 1992–1998
The Mincato Era: 1998–2005: “Disciplined Growth”
Strategy under Scaroni, 2005–2012
Upstream Growth
TABLE 1 Eni’s hydrocarbon production and reserves by region
TABLE 2 Eni’s major hydrocarbon producing countries 2011 and 2000 (thousands of BOE/day)
Downstream: Building the European Gas Business
FIGURE 2 Eni’s vertical chains in oil and gas
FIGURE 3 Eni’s sales by geographic area ($million)
The Petroleum Sector in 2012
The Companies
TABLE 3 Major mergers and acquisitions among the petroleum majorsa
TABLE 4 The world’s top-30 petroleum companies by size of reserves
Vertical Integration Strategies
Technology and Knowledge Management
Exploration and Production
TABLE 5 US petroleum companies return on investment by line of business, 1980–2009 (%)
FIGURE 4 Oil prices: West Texas intermediate crude per barrel, 1982–2012 ($)
TABLE 6 Oil and gas production and reserves by country
FIGURE 5 US petroleum companies’ finding costs per barrel of oil equivalent
TABLE 7 Capital expenditures among the majors, 2003–2011
Refining and Marketing
Downstream Gas and Power
The Outlook for Eni in 2012
FIGURE 6 Eni’s business model
TABLE 8 Valuation multiples for petroleum majors, May 2011
Appendix 1: Eni SpA: Financial Highlights, 2006–2011
Appendix 2: Eni’s Operating Performance, 2004–2011
Appendix 3: Top-40 Oil and Gas Companies among the Forbes Global 2000, April 2011
Case 16 American Apparel: Vertically Integrated in Downtown LA
The T-Shirt Business
TABLE 1 Imports of knitted cotton shirts into the United States, 2010
TABLE 2 Sales and profits of leading fashion apparel companies, 2011
Dov Charney and the Development of American Apparel
Building American Apparel
The Controversial Mr Charney
American Apparel’s Strategy and Operations
TABLE 3 American Apparel: Selected financial data, 2005–2011 ($million)
Product Development and Design
Retail and Wholesale Distribution
TABLE 4 American Apparel’s retail outlets
TABLE 5 American Apparel’s financial results by business segment ($million)
TABLE 6 Geographical distribution of sales and fixed assets, 2009–2011 ($million)
Employee Relations: A “Sweat-Shop” Free Environment
Marketing and Social Responsibility
Managing Turnaround, 2010–2012
Looking to the Future
Case 17 Outback Steakhouse: Going International
TABLE 1 Outback Steakhouse, Inc.: Growth and profitability, 1990–1995
Outback’s Strategy
Preparing for International Expansion
Overseas Expansion by US Restaurant Chains
TABLE 2 The ten largest US restaurant franchise chains, 1994
Case 18 Vodafone in 2012: Rethinking International Strategy
TABLE 1 Vodafone Group PLC: Financial highlights, 2005–2011 (£million, except where indicated)
FIGURE 1 Vodafone shareprice, 2007–2012 (pence)
TABLE 2 Vodafone’s global reach, March 2011 (including customer numbers, in millions)
Vodafone’s International Expansion, 1984–2012
TABLE 3 Vodafone’s acquisitions and divestments, 1989–2012
Sarin and the Quest for Integration
Vodafone’s International Strategy under Colao, 2008–2011
Organizational Structure
FIGURE 2 Vodafone’s organizational structure, October 2011
Portfolio Changes
Building Corporate Business
Growing Mobile Data
The Future of Vodafone
Economies from International Scope
TABLE 4 World’s largest telecommunication service companies
Learning and Innovation Benefits of International Scope
Vodafone’s Strategic Positioning in Relation to Industry Evolution
Appendix: Vodafone Performance by Country and Region, 2011 and 2012
Case 19 The Virgin Group in 2012
Development of the Virgin Group, 1968–2012
Virgin Records
Virgin Atlantic Airways
Virgin Everywhere!
Focusing the Group, 2005–2011
The Virgin Group of Companies in 2012
FIGURE 1 Virgin’s business portfolio
The Virgin Brand
Richard Branson and the Virgin Business Development Model
The Virgin Group’s Management Structure and Style
Virgin’s Financial Performance
TABLE 1 Financial results for selected Virgin companies, 2010–2011
Looking to the Future
Appendix: The History of Virgin
Case 20 Google Inc.: What’s the Corporate Strategy?
June 2012
TABLE 1 Google Inc.: Key financial data, 2004–2011 ($million)
The History of Google, 1996–2012
The Google Search Engine
Organizing the World’s Information
TABLE 2 Google’s revenues, 2006–2011 ($million)
Android and Mobile Telephony
TABLE 3 Shipments of smartphones, classified by operating system, 2011–2012
The Motorola Acquisition
Google’s Management and Capabilities
Future Challenges
Appendix 1: Google Timeline
Appendix 2: Extract from Google, 10-K Report for 2011, Item 1: The Business
Google Search
Google Display
Google Mobile
Google Local
Operating Systems and Platforms
Google Chrome OS and Google Chrome
Google TV
Google Books
Case 21 Danone: Strategy Implementation in an International Food and Beverage Company
Danone’s Development, 1973–2011
FIGURE 1 Danone’s sales by business lines, 1996–2011
FIGURE 2 Danone’s sales by geographical area, 1996–2011
Danone in 2012
The Businesses
TABLE 1 Net sales by business lines, 2006–2011 (€million)
TABLE 2 Trading operating income by business segment, 2006–2011 (€million)
TABLE 3 Net sales and operating income by region, 2006-2011 (€ millions)
Organizational Structure
FIGURE 3 The organizational structure of Groupe Danone
Management Systems and Style
Knowledge Management
Principles and Values
Emerging Market Strategy
Future Challenges
TABLE 4 Mergers and acquisitions in the food and beverage sector, 2010–2011
Appendix 1: Danone’s Operating Subsidiaries (fully consolidated companies)
Appendix 2: Selected Financial Information for Danone, 2000–2011 (values in €million)
Appendix 3: Performance Comparisons for Danone’s Main Competitors, 2011
Case 22 Jeff Immelt and the Reinventing of General Electric
FIGURE 1 General Electric strategic overview: A stronger portfolio
TABLE 1 General Electric: Performance indicators, 2001 and 2011
A History of GE
Jeff Immelt
GE’s Business Environment, 2001–2012
GE’s Growth Strategy
Reshaping the Business Portfolio
TABLE 3 General Electric’s principal acquisitions and disposals, 2001–2012
GE’s Competitive Advantage
Technology and Innovation
Customer Focus and Integrated Solutions
Global Presence
Changing the GE Management Model
Leadership Development and Performance Management
Changing Organizational Structure
FIGURE 2 General Electric’s organizational structure, 2001
FIGURE 3 General Electric’s organizational structure, 2012
Innovation and New Business Development
Marketing and Sales
The GE Growth Process
FIGURE 4 General Electric’s six-part growth process
The Challenge of Integration and Complexity
EXHIBIT 1 General Electric Medical Systems Customer Solutions Initiative
Appendix : General Electric Segment Performance
Case 23 Bank of America’s Acquisition of Merrill Lynch
December 2008
TABLE 1 Bank of America’s growth by acquisition
EXHIBIT 1 Press Release: Bank of America Buys Merrill Lynch Creating Unique Financial Services Firm
The Strategic Issues Arising from the Merger
FIGURE 1 Extract from merger presentation by Ken Lewis and John Thain
EXHIBIT 2 Universal Banks Need Careful Monitoring
Appendix 1: Bank of America Corporation: Business Activities and Performance (extracts from 10-K report for 2007)
Appendix 2: Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.: Business Activities and Performance (extracts from 10-K report for 2007)
The Business
Global Markets and Investment Banking
Global Wealth Management
Case 24 W. L. Gore & Associates: Rethinking Management?
The Founding of Gore
Origins of the Gore Management Philosophy
Organization Structure and Management Principles
EXHIBIT 1 What We Believe
EXHIBIT 2 Examples of innovation at W. L. Gore & Associates
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Solution Manual For Contemporary Strategy Analysis Text and Cases 8th Edition by Robert M. Grant