Solution Manual for CB 8th Edition by Babin


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Solution Manual for CB 8th Edition by Babin
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Solution Manual for CB 8th Edition by Babin

Solution Manual for CB 8th Edition by Babin

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Table of Contents

Brief Contents
Part 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: What Is CB and Why Should I Care?
1-1 Consumption and Consumer Behavior
1-2 The Ways in Which Consumers Are Treated
1-3 The CB Field’s Role in Business, Society, and for Consumers
1-4 Different Approaches to Studying Consumer Behavior
1-5 Consumer Behavior Is Dynamic
Chapter 2: Value and the Consumer Behavior Framework
2-1 The Consumer Value Framework and Its Components
2-2 Value and Its Two Basic Types
2-3 Marketing Strategy and Consumer Value
2-4 Market Characteristics: Market Segments and Product Differentiation
2-5 Analyzing Markets with Perceptual Maps
2-6 Value Today and Tomorrow-Customer Lifetime Value
Part 1: Cases
Part 2: Internal Influences
Chapter 3: Consumer Learning Starts Here: Perception
3-1 Defining Learning and Perception
3-2 Consumer Perception Process
3-3 Applying the JND Concept
3-4 Implicit and Explicit Memory
3-5 Enhancing Consumers’ Attention
3-6 The Difference between Intentional and Unintentional Learning
Chapter 4: Comprehension, Memory, and Cognitive Learning
4-1 What Influences Comprehension?
4-2 Multiple Store Theory of Acquiring, Storing, and Using Knowledge
4-3 Making Associations with Meaning as a Key Way to Learn
4-4 Associative Networks and Consumer Knowledge
4-5 Product and Brand Schemas
Chapter 5: Motivation and Emotion: Driving Consumer Behavior
5-1 What Drives Human Behavior?
5-2 General Hierarchy of Motivation
5-3 Consumer Emotions and Value
5-4 Measuring Emotion
5-5 Differences in Emotional Behavior
5-6 Emotion, Meaning, and Schema-Based Affect
Chapter 6: Personality, Lifestyles, and the Self-Concept
6-1 Personality and Consumer Behavior
6-2 Major Traits Examined in Consumer Research
6-3 Consumer Lifestyles, Psychographics, and Demographics
6-4 The Role of Self-Concept in Consumer Behavior
6-5 Self-Congruency Theory and Consumer Behavior
Chapter 7: Attitudes and Attitude Change
7-1 Attitudes and Attitude Components
7-2 Functions of Attitudes
7-3 Hierarchy of Effects
7-4 Consumer Attitude Models
7-5 Attitude Change Theories and Persuasion
7-6 Message and Source Effects and Persuasion
Part 2: Cases
Part 3: External Influences
Chapter 8: Group and Interpersonal Influence
8-1 Reference Groups
8-2 Social Power
8-3 Reference Group Influence
8-4 Social Media’s Role in Group and Interpersonal Influence
8-5 Word-of-Mouth and Consumer Behavior
8-6 Household Decision Making and Consumer Behavior
Chapter 9: Consumer Culture
9-1 Culture and Meaning Are Inseparable
9-2 Using Core Societal Values
9-3 How Is Culture Learned?
9-4 Fundamental Elements of Communication
9-5 Emerging Cultures
Chapter 10: Microcultures
10-1 Microculture and Consumer Behavior
10-2 Major U.S. Microcultures
10-3 Microculture Is Not Uniquely American
10-4 Demographic Analysis
10-5 Major Cultural and Demographic Trends
Part 3: Cases
Part 4: Situations and Decision Making
Chapter 11: Consumers in Situations
11-1 Value in Situations?
11-2 Time and Consumer Behavior
11-3 Place Shapes Shopping Activities
11-4 Impulsive Shopping and Consumption
11-5 Places Have Atmospheres
11-6 Antecedent Conditions
Chapter 12: Decision Making I: Need Recognition and Search
12-1 Consumer Decision Making
12-2 Decision-Making Perspectives
12-3 Decision-Making Approaches
12-4 Need Recognition, Internal Search, and the Consideration Set
12-5 External Search
Chapter 13: Decision Making II: Alternative Evaluation and Choice
13-1 Evaluation of Alternatives: Criteria
13-2 Value and Alternative Evaluation
13-3 Product Categorization and Criteria Selection
13-4 Consumer Choice: Decision Rules
Part 4: Cases
Part 5: Consumption and Beyond
Chapter 14: Consumption to Satisfaction
14-1 Consumption, Value, and Satisfaction
14-2 Value and Satisfaction
14-3 Other Post-Consumption Reactions
14-4 Theories of Post-Consumption Reactions
14-5 Consumer Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction Measurement Issues
14-6 Disposing of Refuse
Chapter 15: Beyond Consumer Relationships
15-1 Outcomes of Consumption
15-2 Complaining and Spreading WOM
15-3 Switching Behavior
15-4 Consumer Loyalty
15-5 Link the Concept of Consumer Co-Creation of Value to Consumption Outcomes
Chapter 16: Consumer and Marketing Misbehavior
16-1 Consumer Misbehavior and Exchange
16-2 Distinguish Consumer Misbehavior from Problem Behavior
16-3 Marketing Ethics and Misbehavior
16-4 Corporate Social Responsibility
16-5 Regulation of Marketing Activities
16-6 Public Criticism of Marketing
Part 5: Cases
Subject Index
Name Index
Products/Organizations Index
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Solution Manual for CB 8th Edition by Babin